Character - Inaë, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: Character - Inaë
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max

Here is waht I did as I was waiting for the contest results ;). At the beginning It was just a face made to test 3dsmax SSS but I finally chose to complete it and tryed to make a beautiful face. I’ve used 3dsmax and a slight color balance. Hairs are polys hairs and the scene is lit by 1 area light plus 1 blue back light. I’ve used mental ray render with final gather. Hop you’ll like it.

>> Hi resolution image <<


Wow - thats really all I can say - great job 5*'s for me


This is absolutely fantastic. My only possible crit would be that she seems to be looking through the camera instead of at it…like her eyes are slightly too parallel but that’s only preference and doesn’t take away from the overall image at all.

Excellent job :slight_smile:


Looks amazing to say the least. Beautiful texturing, lighting and modeling. Wire frame would be cool. 5 stars.


absolument genial:love:


Beautiful girl:D
Great work!:thumbsup:


5 stars! totally!


Amazing work man! 5*


Hey man, i think you just have a new record: 2 images plugged on the front page at the same time, be proud of it, great job :slight_smile:

[plugged on the front page]


excellent work reiv, i love it… :drool: very nice skin texture/lighting… 5 stars from me… could we see a wire plz? see ya! btw… good job for the MaS challenge, u were in my top 5 image…:slight_smile: nice to see that u finished in the top 5.


your work is so amazing, i’m blown away by the quality everytime, the eyes are very expressive. Du u have any tricks for realistic eyes? they seem very moist, especially in the tear ducts. Is it all in the spec map? Thanks for sharing this image with us :slight_smile:



Love the eyes :thumbsup:


Just magnificent…


Excellent work!! Really love your skin texture… and yea… 2 on the front page… you have to be happy about that ^^ btw why don’t you include links to your site?

Reiv’s site
(is that ok?)


What a great work. I am amazed whit the quality and texturing. I just started working in 3D max so when I took a look at your work I almost fainted :slight_smile: Thenks for this work its a masterpiece. Sory for the mistaks i and my English.


so amazingly real

love the texturing


Mágnifique Magnificent!:thumbsup:


very beautiful ! congratulations:thumbsup:


Excellent job! Did you use any references?


Amazing work, 5*s, amazing texture and lighting