Character: Huntress


^^, painter 8.0 forget how many hours~~,please C&C


“nice work buddy :thumbsup: …!!!”
i really like ur brush technique in bg "
i feel that in character need more work … may be it’s ur style…
i like ur work :wink: !!!"


There are some wonderful elements in this. The figure is cool, the treatment of the water is nicely done and the overall image looks promising. If I were you I would define the light source and make the environment a little clearer. You don’t need to add a lot, just define your waterline and fix some of the spatial relationships between the rock, the figure and shapes in the b/g. I little mist can go a LONG way to achieving some atmospheric perspective.

Watch the tangent between the tree limb and her bow.

I would also adjust the bow and arrow in her hand. It seems a bit off to me. The fist with the arrow is the problem. Maybe have a few arrows in the tentacles and no arrow in her hand? or just refine the hand a bit that’s not how you hold an arrow.

This could be a great pix in another two or three hours!! You just have to refine it.


the feel is good

can you post more picture about it?


Thanks everybody ^^,suggestion is extremely helpful


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