Character: Human


Hi everybody

Been working on this project for a few days now. It’s going to be a soldier in the end but I modled the whole body first before doing any cloth or other stuff.

I’d like some critics on anatomy and the mesh.
Created with 3dsmax6 using polymodeling
The feet are not finished but since he’ll wear boots I thought it’s ok


Either the arms are a bit too long or the legs are a bit too short, I am not sure. The forehead looks a bit strange also.
But otherall it is a really good start.

Ahh and the belly-button is too low…


Thx for the comment , I agree the legs are a bit short, at least when aiming for ideal proportions.
The forehead needs a bit of tweaking, it looks strange because I just mirrored the head without checking if it looks good.

I’m not happy with the hands also, I always have troubles with them, gonna remodel them.


I agree that the legs could be a bit longer, but not too much. They are still at a realistic length… as previously stated.

From the front view I noticed that the forearms seems to be at an odd angle. They look like they’ve been broken downward at the elbow. Adjusting the forearm taper from the elbow to the wrist should fix that problem, just move the hand up slightly.

Likewise, his legs from the front are at an unrealistic angle; although, it might just be the angle and position of his feet that’s throwing off the line of the legs and the fact that the knee’s appear as if they’re turned slightly out. Lastly, the foot length is great right now if you haven’t added toes yet.

The side view is pretty much fine as is except for some excessive bulging of his calf muscles on the lower legs.

You’re geometry is simple enough that you didn’t run into any problems. Areas like the chest might be unnecessarily dense but not nothing too severe.

Great Work!!! :slight_smile:


Here’s an update:

  • fixed the forehead and made other minor changes to the head
  • optimized the chest geometry
  • changed the position of the belly-button
  • fixed leg length, changed the knee and other parts
  • completely remodled the hands

Proportions should be accurate now


The thumb doesn’t look right and the belly button is still too low (I think, not sure though).

The general anatomy is about right now, good update!


Nice work, very smooth geometry, and nice and soft detail,

good work so far,



Great changes!

A trick to finding an accurate height for a human is to match his(their) height with his arm span.

The hands do look much better but still have somewhat of a cartoony look. Try to slightly taper the fingers a bit, that should enhance the realism. Your thumb is also not attached to the hand the right way. At the moment it looks too high, too short and is rotated too vertically.

I would also suggest finishing the feet to some degree, or just put some boots on him or something. IMHO



Thx everybody

I had a hard time with the thumb, i’ll work on it some more.

cybernaut: boots are on their way, wait for the next update


Nice model :thumbsup: Has a couple of small bugs but looks very nice.


Just checked in on your thread. You already did some nice progress ! Some small things to fix and you’re gonna have a great model ! :slight_smile:

About the hands, most of it you know already. Fingers look too thin for the overal size of the handpalm, and thumb needs restructuring. Just take a look at your own hands en make an expressive kinda claw-hand so you can clearly see where muscles and tendons go. Most of the time I find hands to be too smoothed an rounded, square-formed and edgy works better for me.

Knees might get a little more detial and extra edge, don’t know if he’s gonna get long pants :wink:

His ear should be a little more towards the back of his head as it is located just behind the end of the jaw.

In general feet to crotch = crotch to top, but you fixed that already.

Some little tips imo, hope they can help you to improve your model


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