Character - Hellgirl (nudity)


Here is a the beginnings of a hellgirl model I’m doing on and off in my spare time.

This my third real attempt at a character.


Once the rest of her is built, Hellboy going to be one happy beast :slight_smile:
Seriously shes looking great.


very good start ! i love her curves:)

want to see more


good start man !


Nice idea! The body looks really good so far. I’m curious how her face will look like!


Awsome!!! :eek:, love this big boobs :drool: Keep it up and wires pls



Thanks for the great comments:thumbsup:

wayfaerer - Nice idea! The body looks really good so far. I’m curious how her face will look like!
She wasn’t my idea I based her on a sketch by sanejack7, I decided to make her a more full figured though. I’ll post the character sheet next post.

Small update on her back, and wires as requested


looks great! the body is really cool shaped.


wow, that’s a nice body :love:

ceep 'em coming!


She almost makes me want to go to hell.

Your mesh topography looks a little strange though, a bit too many unnecessary tris. Unless you are using them to make bumps.


Thanks for the compliments everyone.

max_5: at the moment most of the tri’s are out of lazyness I’ll be doing some house cleaning later on.

Last post for the night here.
Bit more progress on the back and made a slight fix on the breasts

and as promised here is sanejacks awesome sketch.


Looking very nice so far, great boobs, perhaps her bum is a little square though, other that that it’s a damn fine model. good luck with the rest of her.:applause:


WOW:eek: , this model looks incredible. Will the black tape always be there or does she get a shirt?


That looks hot, I’m just wondering, what 3d program are u using?



Thanks guys.

Coaster - Thanks for the crit, will look at the bum more, what a penance.

ace4016 - no shirt just tape, like in the sketch.

RE3456 - MAX 7


I followed the discussion on conceptart, and it seems that in the sanejack sketches she
has a thighter torso (and butt) in my opinion. your model is a bit more “fatty” if you know
what I mean.

Excellent work btw!


Very nice. Can’t wait to see this finished.


Oee la la! :smiley: She looks great and very sexy! :love:
I like the idea of hell girl. Cool concept art!

Love to see more of this! I predict, if you keep on going like this, it will be frontpage. At least it has a lot of potential imo.


wow, definatly gonna keep an eye on this, great stuff man…

my only crit is the low poly cage looks… well… horrid… lol but seems to smooth out nice enough so dont worry about that :slight_smile:

great job!!


Yeah, this is great! Which program do u use ?