Character - HellBoy


another one…

just wanted to make this character… i bought the dvd recently and i just wanted to make it, im not gonna make this model as realistic as Ron Perlman…nor the comic…just want to make an hellboy the way i c it…but i did used refs from comics/Ron Perlamn to model. Hope u like it, ill update soon i hope… c&c r welcome. laters!:slight_smile:


Very good model. It has very nice character even better than movie one !!
But you are going to make the rest of the body, right ?



good work so far. His eye lids needs to wrap better around the eye ball, otherwise thats all I have to say about this. The eye lid is only about 1/8th of an inch I think.


sure ill do the rest of the body and yea, ur right optimus, ill work on those eyelids. thanks.:slight_smile:


im doin the big arm right now and gotta start the cloth right after, ill update soon…


wow, that is turning out awesome, can you post some wires of the back and front when you get the time.


hey dude… this is looking really cool man… coming along real nice. 1 or 2 crits from me, there is a wierd looking bump on his finger and thumb from the first render in that view you can notice it. it looks like the hand needs a little more work… I know this is your version of hellboy but i’d say no matter what version he is he’d be a little more muscular. the overall shape though is excellent everything seems to be anatomically correct… excellent dude… doing a great job… looking forward to seeing more progress…


hey thanx for the replies and crits guyz.
neeno: this is not bump, i tryin a new way of modeling in my latest models, i try to subdivise a lot so i can get lot of details without bump and its seem to be also a lil more easier for skining/rigging when its highly subdivided… but ur right ill work on the hands and the overall muscular parts… ill post wires in the next updates. cya!:slight_smile:


This is looking nice, but I 'd have to agree on beefing him up a bit or at least giving him slightly large arms.

The torso is excellent and not overdone at all.
His knuckles look a little funny at the moment.

Can’t wait to see more.


and a wire…

the part s u cant see on the wire are nurbs surfaces…dont know y it doesnt work on the vector render… :shrug: this is the last update i will do for this character as im workin on m reel… so next time ull see this, it will be on the demo ill post in this forum with my other characters. Hope u like it, i really enjoyed workin on this guy… i saw SIN CITY yesterday (just came across last week in europe…) and i really dig MARV…i might try to do this crazy character…soon… well, c&c r welcome and thanks for those who folowed this thread. cya!:slight_smile:


heres a lil close up of the face… for those interested


very good mesh topology.:thumbsup:
maybe you could post a wire of his head (unsmoothed basemesh)?



This is wicked!!! Excellent modeling.

Animate it please :applause:


great modeling session man… congrats… c ya !



heres the closer head with wires u asked… hope u like it. laters and thanks for the replies.:slight_smile:


my mouth dropped wide open when i saw the torso. really really great work…inspiring!!!


looks good, are you going to rig the face or anything?


nah i wont rig the face, not now…i think ill try to use a jason osipa’s setup on him but not right now, i gotta finish my demo b4…lets say ill start a facial setup in 2 or 3 weeks… i just did 2 blendshapes for the head, then tweaked a lil bit the surface sculpting/pulling/smoothin… took me 5/10 minutes to do the expression on his face…thanks for the comments guyz…:slight_smile:


sweet work man, this is looking good. My only crit is, the left hand looks small to me, maybe it is because that gun is so huge. but somethign about it looks off to me, i think the gun is big, and the hand is small, a little combo of both maybe. Anyways, sweet stuff. Peace



man, this guy just keeps getting better and better, nice work.