character head: Arnold


hello, this is my second attemp to model a celeb…
since angelina jolie…

I quit working on jolie for now, and just started this coming back from the movie, T3.

C&C please…


Nice one! It really looks like schwartz!!!

You are good at modeling likenesses.

can u post the references and the subdv???


Very good Likeness!
INSIST on a wire for this…



thnx, guys.

here’s the wire.

it’s got no details yet. I’ll work on detail once I convert this into poly. I’m using spline for now.


Surely this IS poly, unless my eyes deceive me?
Perhaps a wire of the patches…

regards, and a great job!




when I spline model, I set both the topology and the interpolation to 0. and every vertices to ‘corner’

in that way, it looks/works like poly modeling.
so, this is spline modeling, but just with no bezier handle.


very good likeness, but i think the first image could have better lighting to show the whole model.


The likeness is excellent. What are you using for reference?


I captured some shots from the movie T2.

I couldn’t find good references on the web,
so I chose to do that.


here’s a test render… working on the chest.

C&C are always welcomed.


It’s looking remarkably like arnie. I like how it’s coming along.

Can i ask…what app are you using? And what do you do to get such great renders?



Hello, Kwak.

thnx a lot.

I’m using 3dsmax 5.1

and about the rendering…there’s nothing special.

I used scanline renderer for both images.
no GI of course. :slight_smile:

that lastest one has one omni light,
and some fall-off settings including self illumination.


neversong you just rule!


thnx, lukx

here’s an update.

going really slow…:surprised

just worked on the back. and…about to start working on the washboard.

C&C please.


I have to tell you that Arnold is my favourite actor and that cg is on highest level :slight_smile:
Good job, keep going:buttrock:


looks great so far …:thumbsup:
could we see a wire…you sure do know your anatomy…
I’m work on a torso myself…but it doesn’t look any where near as good as yours…

cant wait to see it finished…:slight_smile:


thnx guys,

mash: He’s my favorite actor too. too bad he’s too old now.
checked out T3 yet? :smiley:

freddy: I’ll post the wire once I’m done with the washboard area. :slight_smile: this is taking me very long since I’m modeling as I’m learning anotomy. In my opinion, cg pays off as much time as you spend.

have a good day~


Yea, he’s about 53:eek: (but he looks for 45)
I didnt see T3 yet - I’m from Poland and it cams to Theaters on 17 of July.
Is it good? :cool:


Originally posted by mash1000
Yea, he’s about 53:eek: (but he looks for 45)
I didnt see T3 yet - I’m from Poland and it cams to Theaters on 17 of July.
Is it good? :cool:

yeah, overhere (holland) it comes around the same date…
His earlier 2 movies realy sucked (end of days and the 6th day) T3 looks cool to me.

The model looks realy cool…
plz keep us posted :slight_smile:


The movie was actually better than I expected.
same story as previous ones( terminator comes to kill, people run away…stuff.), cool action scenes.

everybody says that female terminator is so sexy…hehe
well, I agree. :stuck_out_tongue: