character - Halle Berry


Well, this is my FIRST attempt at modeling a high poly head/face. I am really liking it more than low poly modeling( which, although I try, am not very good at ). anywho, I know its not much, but I am kinda a newb, I WANT TO MAKE THIS REALISTIC, C&C welcome. Also, I searched google and everything, can some one get me a good picture of the side of her face. PLEASE

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The eyes look good so far…the top lip needs the edge raised to meet the skin a bit better though…keep on man,:thumbsup:


updates, not much, I would do nose and rest of face, but I CANT find a good side ref, PLEASE , can you help me and find one?



I just woke up, so there is no more work done since the last pic. Please can someone find a good side ref?


you started this without a side view? :curious:

maybe you ought to do a bit more work, and then post here once you have a bit or on the model, right now, its pointless to really crit anything because its so early and nothing seems really developed (except that the eyelids need work and that the forhead seems so bumpy) :surprised


OK, I know what you mean, but google didnt find any good side refs, I could start over, but I cant find a side ref, do you know of a place.


yeah, side refs are almost impossible to find on the net…my recommendation is to use DVD for the side view. The side view is extremely important, a 3/4 view won’t do…you need to get that line from the back of the head down to the shoulders, as well as the distance from the tip of the nose to the tip of the cornea.

Try renting Die Another Day, or Swordfish, or that movie where Kurt Russel is fighting terrorists on an airplane (Executive Decision I think?). She’s in all of those.

Then you can simply pause the DVD or take a screengrab for the side view.

Good luck!


ok, I went back to where I was in the first pic. for some reason, the forehead didnt look right, I agree, but I searched google, NO SIDE PICS, PLEASE FIND ONE FOR ME, I CANT FIND ONE>


Maybe you can find the mugshot from when she got all drunk and engaged in “hit-n-run madness” a couple years back. I think they have to take a profile shot too, and that was posted all over the net.


if u search on yahoo or on yahoo movies u will find

try and in dvd


You rarely see any celebrity with a side profile shot…this is the closest i’ve seen…I modeled her also but never finished


If you need berrter references. You can use these. There pretty good


hey cg219, good find dude.


cg219, I bow down to you.

  • THANK YOU!!!

now I can get to work


Thanks had them for a while now, just saw the post and thought it be a nice thing to do. :slight_smile:


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