[Character] Girl from future


Hi there,
this is my last version of the girl from the future model.
older version:

Last version:

I’ll be glad for C&C


Love the boots! and how the thong leaves marks on the flesh… Nothing to crit really, she’s missing hands… :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s just me, but is she a bit knock-kneed?
Great work so far!


Thanks, I forgot she is’nt real girl but she’ll be a comix character, not really comix but something like characters from Unreal tournament, Quake and so on . About hand…she’ll have gloves, so I’ll create only gloves. In next update will be final headpiece :bounce:


This is amazing, what app are you using?
Can’t wait to see more! :thumbsup:


Thx, everything is made by 3ds max 5 & photoshop :slight_smile:


An update of headpiece. not final yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks real sweet mate, i like it alot, i think it would look real cool with toon shading. , but we shall see when u finish, looks very anime

good job captain :slight_smile:


Well buddy :slight_smile: anime is’nt my favorite style :slight_smile: I was ispirated by James Hawkins’s great artwork. :thumbsup:


wow this is really cool. i like how you’ve paid attention to detail, like how the underwear actually presses into the flesh. the skin shading you’ve done looks particularly nice.

could be a bit rounder where the underpart of the breast meets the chest.

i love the design of the boots and the shader on the cloth. looks like velvet. how did you do this shader? i’m a maya user, but maybe you could give a general description of the velvet shader?


wgeddes: hey thanks man! :slight_smile: about shader…its VERY simple but spectacular, there is falloff map :bounce: dark blue in the middle and white on edges, Iam sure that you know what is falloff :))


is the map linked to color or reflectivity or what?


here is little example of falloff I guess that you understand princip of falloff :smiley:


awesome. thanks!


Instead of modeling regular hands, she should have mechanical hands similar to the design of the boots.


Nice idea, but I want to make normal human girl (in the future) with some tech stuff on her body :smiley: she’ll have some kind of jetpack on her back and so on. tomorrow I’ll post here Hawkins’s artwork there you can see how it will look…a final model (approximately) and pose and other stuff :wink:


Very nice work
I liked Skin Shader


So here is almost a final version of headpiece. :smiley:


yo :wink:

pb with the pic, web don’t show it :frowning:


Its working right now.


I start with her back, I’ll add more detail. :slight_smile: