Character ( general )


hi this is my new head ,used 3dmax 6 ,and poly modelling…i havent started skin texture ,now this colour is a default colour in max,now iam working on beard now,before i continue i would like to hear some crits abt my wire ,armours clothes,hair ,beard ,etc iam posting only one more angle ,coz my final pose would be like almost 3/4 so iam concentrating on that angle only ,hope will hear some crits and will help me to improve …tc all


my wire and another angle i used shag for hair and beard ,


my wire used vray to render this head ,


It appears to me that the features on his face, especially his eyes and mouth, are too small for the size of his head. It would probably be easiest to shrink the size of his skull and then scale the whole head up a little.



SlashTen: thank u for the reply and i will defenetly do that ,:slight_smile:


its looks good! It reminds me of a chubbier Maximus from the movie Gladiator, he even seems to be wearing the right armor… coincidence or was he a reference?


Michael5188: hi thank u yes iam trying to make him ( maximus ) ,:slight_smile:
this is my close shot of beard tweaked beard too ,and made mouth bigger


hi i made my armour texture …here it is ,hope i get some crits thank u


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