character: Geisha


Hi for everyone, I´m need your help. I wont improve the image…all critics and coments is welcomes.
This render make whit MAYA 6 and MENTAL RAY
1000 Thanks


My main crit would be on the model itself. She absolutely doens’t look Japanese. Her nose is much too long/thin and her eyes are too light. Also her eyes look more western than Japanese. A quick google search turned up this:




Thanks four your critics…do you think change only te face or too the enviromen and composition…I think look of more references of the japanese girls :wink:

Sorry for my English is very poor :slight_smile:


yeah Ive got the same crit. the face soesnt look japanese alot and the mouth looks funny (not because of the lipstick). The hair and everything else looks great. Oh and the 2nd picture is really quite good however you should really try to find a better texture for the tatami mat. The lines are too think. they should be very thin.


i have some suggest here…although she looks like japanese…but you have to take care the propotion and also the feature on the face…here i suggest the nose, the shape of the mouth can be improve…


I like a lot the composition of your scene; beautiful textures on the screen . But your geisha seems to be a little strange though, you should review the face’s morphology :).
Use reference photographs; go to this homepage, you can find some asian women:
> <


THANKS for all coments…I need your critics because I don´t improve the image…in this moments I change the nois and expresion face…and the texture of eyes is more dark…when I finish the picture probaly will be better than old image…
thanks my friends


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