Character: Futuristic Villian


I had alot on my mind of what I wanted to do for this character, I’m pretty close to being finished with the model itself, I still want to add detail to the arm and maybe the ears if it looks ok.

The red on him is just a design idea, I want to expand on it some more because its pretty sloppy right now, I want to do it with textures indead of procedural materials.

Lemme know what ya think :slight_smile:


Very nice concept and VERY WELL MODELLED!!

I’m no fan of the texture thou, it removes much of the fine modelling rather than adding to it.

If there is anything to critic on the modelling, its the arms. The shoulders look very strong and are very wide, but the arms are rather weak. My suggestions are just strengthen the arms and narrow the shoulders just a little.

EDIT: also just noticed you have a seam in the forhead and in the back of the head and along the spine (?)


i actually don’t mind the shoulder width it kind of goes with the exagerated head. the trisepts look a little strange to me. you have a lot of detail in the character and the feet are just there, you should put in more detail there. the heel and the achile’s tendent area look a little off. otherwise its pretty good.


mmm ok, I’ll fix the feet and finish the arm details and see what you guys think… update later today or tomorrow, thanks for the comments you two.


I made some changes to the head, beck, arms, and legs.

Tear it up :slight_smile:


yeah back of the legs look better, still you should move that ankle bone down, but i think the foot is too big for the leg in general. the back of the arm looks better but i think you are missing the elbow, that might be a problem when you start animating.

i would suggest to go the library and pick up “Gray’s Anatomy” book or better yet buy your own they’re not that expesive (here its 30$ Canadian) and if you do a lot of body modeling this book is definately worth the money.



the new color scheme is so much better than the last one.
I like the character design and the overall patterns on the body, however, I think the ears are too simple compared to other body parts’ detail level.


very cool, reminds me a bit of lilo and stich characters. I loooooooove the colours. Is this going to be an animation?


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