character: freakies


finally got my hosting sorted, so here it is and evryone can see it!!!:wink:


nice but i think skin texture needs some improvements


tell us, which progamm did you use?

I am also interested where did you get your inspiration for this model?


ahh sorry,

Maya 5, fluid effects were used for clouds, background done in Maya then touched up in Photoshop,

Poly modeling for the Character.

The inspiration was from a friend of mine called Richard Gray, I went to Uni with him and he is an excellent traditional 2D fantasy artist, if you want the link to his site i will post it here if I am aloud to!!!


hmmm, so many replies, maybe i should post a cube!


you can post a wireframe version :wink:


so freaky. I love it. Cool atmosphere.


Originally posted by liquidminduk
hmmm, so many replies, maybe i should post a cube!

be patient dude…

nice work btw…wires are welcome too and post a link to your friends site



cheers guys, ill find that link and post wires soon


Looks good…I mean ugly :scream:
Mist effect is great.
I feel your image is bit blurred, almost 2d painted looks.
Make it crisp, and tint the gray background a bit.


yeh, i know its a bit blurred, thats to do with the post work in Photoshop, i will try to sort it


Pretty cool

The background is kinda colorless in comparison with the front
Also the mist in the front looks a bit too blue in my opinion
Light blue just aint no creepy color

Nice freaky creature though. Just love his right arm:buttrock:
With a tiny bit of color the cave would look cool too.

Keep it up:thumbsup:


The work has nimbus
where does your afflatus come from?:smiley:


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