Character - For upcoming animation


Here you go. Let me know what you think. This guy is going to be a soda jerk from the 50’s working at a dinner. Got about 3 hours on him so far. C & C are very welcomed.


Here is an update. The director didn’t like the face shape so I have changed it up a little. C & C are welcome.


Nothing’s really special about it… Looks good though. Nothing to say… Nice modeling! :thumbsup:


pretty cool…i’m interested to see where this goes…:thumbsup:

Also I liked the first render much better…IMHO:shrug:


Here is more changes to the face and some ears.


blend the ears into the head a little more…looking good…:thumbsup:


As you wish!:arteest:


Nicely done…let’s see more…:thumbsup:


Bring in the HAIR!


A side view before I go sleepy.


I like the style you’ve got going here…:thumbsup:


Hey guys. Glad you like it. Let’s just hope the director does. All I got done today was a little change to the hair and eyebrows. Stupid life taking up to much of my day! Enjoy. As always, C & C are welcome.


And here is the side. Now time for sleep!


Looks good… I just really don’t like the nose… Maybe make it a lil smaller? But hey, i’m not the director :smiley:


Another update, no textures yet but I think I like the hat. Trying to stay as close to 50’s style things as possible.


Here is the side.


Started working on the shirt and bowtie.


A little more work on the shirt while I am fixing a computer. I love my life :applause:


Looking good. I would like to see the hat stiffer. To give it that real cheap paper feel. shirt is looking NICE!


Can anyone point me in the direction of a good hand modeling tutorial, that is my biggest weakness. Thanks.