Character for short film


This is a test of the main character for a short film that I have started working on. Please let me know what you think.


Here is one with rig and morph of smile.


thats pretty cool, how is it going to move? the only thing that i don’t really like about it at the moment is the texturing of the shell. what program are you using?

do you think you could give a little bit of a background to the short your doing and the type of characters you are going to have and what type of emotion you want to get out of this character? like is it going to be a highly animated character or a slow and dopey character. just stuff like that so some of the crits given can really help to develop this character in the way you want it.

are you going for a cartoony look or more towards realistic or just making your own look?


I am using 3DS Max 6 for this.

I agree with the shell texture, but being indecisive on the colors I moved on to other things and will come back to that later.

This character is the main character that is going to be trying to win a race. His personality is very upbeat with an atitude of never give up. Throughout the film he is going to try any and all methods of giving him the edge. I am trying to go for my own look but it will mostly resemble a cartoonsish look. He will be highly animated (as much as a snail can be). Mostly facial animations for his different moods.


This is a test render of the scene. The sand strip in the middle would be the race track the characters will be on.


Race tracks :slight_smile: are there going to be large bags of salt :wink:

The character fits in :slight_smile: good.


Character and scene update. New shell and minor changes to the snail, and a better lighting rig and shadows for the test scene.


i think this version of the shell is looking better. like the add of eye brows too.

can’t see that much of a difference between the two test scenes though:shrug:


Your newer version is lookin great. However, the shell is so shiny it detracts from the face/body, so I would take away most of the specularity. Make it’s body slimy and have the shell weathered some. The enviro is coming along. Keep it up.


Here is a small update of the main character: :thumbsup:


hahaha, dude that is unreal. yeah i really love that. great to see an update.

the back of the shell looks good with the lines, but at the front it seems to be dulled out a bit, like you can’t see the lines, its just all an orange colour. if you got it to look like the back/top does all over that would be cool.

haha, yeah thats great.:thumbsup:


Thanks for the great comments. As for the shell, im still working with the textures, this one is just closer than the others.



i actually think this is just a really cool funny image just on its own. would love to see you eventually just develop this shot into a really tidy image and post it in the finished gallery, i think you would get some great comments.


i love the image of teh sanil with the rocket on his back! Also the stripes are a better fit for the shell. You might want to give him more of a pronounced bottom lip.


Thanks for the great comments guys! As for furthering the image, I was planning on that… This will be part of the movie poster.

Thanks agian.


Its been awhile but here is an update. Decided to work on the cover image today… this is what I have came up with so far.


Hey Jackal, thats a nice job,
The character looks good. Pretty cute…
Try if you can post some small images of all the morphes it has got. Does it speak things too ?? Well… because he hasnt got the limbs to express himself… the morphes are going to play the key role for him to express himself.
And get an idea how does he look when he’s pretty tired but still cant let the race go out of hands…
have you rigged it up ?? itll be interesting to see his walk n run cycle with that attitude of NEVA GIVE UP… :slight_smile:
gr8 work… best of luck…


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