Character: First Digital Painting


Hey guys, finished this painting about a week ago. It’s my first digital painting I’ve done, made entirely in photoshop 7 using a wacom. I know it’s really lacking, but I’ve learned so much from doing it. Basically, it was done just for fun, using no reference…sorta a learning thing. crits and comments welcome:)


Your first? really nice work then! It looks to me as an eeevil orc, performing his dark rituals with a (wooden?) scimitar. Or maybe he’s meditating. Wood is a bit strange, because orcs dont care that much for nature. exeptionally good work with the grass though, REALLY nice, gives a 3d feeling.

Keep it up m8, already awaiting your next work:thumbsup:


Hey thanks 9th Legion.
Basically, i guess it can be whatever you like.:slight_smile: I was going for a sorta gaia creature sorta thing, but hey, anything goes.:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the kind words!


your avatar is dope, did u do it yerself?
as for your pic, its a good first pic, but u seem to have fallen into all the traps of digital.
its not really lacking, the compostion is nice. but try learning colour and value and differentiating the 2 and avoid dodge and burn, u rarely get true values, in fact u rarely get any values. try and avoid black even in your shadows avoid the mud! try and paint more ‘traditionally’ uve obviously got talent let it flooooow.
what 3d u using, maya?


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