Character : Fight Club's Edward Norton


let me know what you guys think!


Hey man,
Are you doing work on the Fight Club PC Game? :wink: j/k
It looks good, don’t really know what kind of style you’re going for though…?
Head seems very blocky, some of the textures are way skewed; but not a bad effort all in all, with a little work it’d be a lot better.


Good likeness. Put some more grit in it. More bump on the shirt and face.


The pipes on the top seem a bit to shiny for me. Add some wore dirt and stuff. Otherwise, great image.



He looks kind of close to Ed but not really - the skin colour is really awful though. Maybe its the angle but his face looks a bit too long for Ed Norton and his eyebrows are wrong


here is a closeup of the head and an ortho shot so you can see without perspective…

you really think the skin texture is awful? I tried to give him the insomniac look like he had in the movie.


Great work!
I think the skin-shader is too pink!
Also the model is great but the environment don’t fit to it!
He is a great artist and I think he deserves a better background!:slight_smile:

Well done you got the feeling for sure!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Looks great. I think you should post a close-up of the gun and maybe a wire.


I think the resemblance of the character is pretty damn good. The model itself looks good as a 3D work rather than photoreal, but check the images i think its very close.

A few tweaks and it could be knock out :slight_smile: Maybe he needs more detail on the clothes and some light changes in the scene to stand out more?!

very cool work tho…



To me, he does looks like Edward Norton but he also looks like Mathew Mcconaughey in a serious scene in U-571. I’m trying to find a picture, but I haven’t found any yet.


This one by any chance?



yEAHHH men!! I love it!!!


Originally posted by cuse
[B]This one by any chance?

cuse [/B]

Yup, Great pic. if you look at the three of them, the character, Edward Norton and Mathew Mcconaughey, you can see that the character is the middle of a connection between the two. :stuck_out_tongue:


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