Character-FF Style Model


I modeled it in MAX 6 Trial Version in a few hours.I couldnt make better pics because I am running on a 500mhz laptop.It well definitly wont be finished.It was also a good way to learn Poly Modeling.Still getting used to it though.I dont really like the way the topology is but I like the shape of it.Heavy C&C Please.


First thing I modeled in a year.The Head is the second thing.


Looks very nice so far, i particularly like the subtility of the muscles in his chest, they are defined, but not overly defined IMO.

Well done.



Mate, thats looking great! Seriously, can’t think of anything crit.The feet could do with some extra detail, unless of course their going to be covered etc…
U’ve obviously got some real talent, but u say ur just learning max? i guess u must have plenty of exp with another package. (maya xsi lightwave?)


Nah I use to have Max 3 a few years back.But I fried my computer and havent bought a new one(I was 14 at the time).But I am at a family members house and he had an extra laptop(only 500 mhz with 1gig of free hdd space,and 256mb of ram…).But when i return home I am hopeing to buy a new computer and Max 7 when it comes out.I also downloaded Shag Hair but the computer can only render a few hairs lol.


Pretty good so far

I have some crits to make on his face :

The cheeks are very small maybe you should round it up under the eyes
And the lower part of the head is too tight …
I know he has a BD look But it’s just my point of view

Keep it up and let us see more :slight_smile:


Looks really great man, love these proportions, and the shapes are really nice ! Hope to see it greatly textures and animated :slight_smile: Impressive also to do it on such a low end computer :slight_smile:



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