Character: Female


Hi folks! It´s been a while since i´ve posted any of my new models here on CGTALK. I just started working on a female character. I am also going to model her body. Any C&C are appreciated! Im using the same crappy shader and lightning for my male model…i like it because it brings out the musculature. BYE! :slight_smile:


Impressive! I don’t find anything to critisize. :thumbsup:
What modeling technique and software did you use?


Its nice but actually I like your logo even better very powerful stuff.


Wow! That was fast DeFi! Thanks.

Im using Polymodeling in Maya. I like your thread…wonderful eyes. I wish my models had eyes =/


Hmmm she looks kinda old(those wrinkles around the eyes). Otherwise I have no crits. Maybe when you put some hair :wink:


Nice work Vnuk!
Can we see some wires?



WOW! This is a reallly great looking model. Very impressive.

I’d go with Borro on the wrinkles thing. Maybe it’s too heavy and needs some lightening up.

Another thing would be the brow above her eyes. They look a little too droopy and to me it makes her look a bit old.

Wires please?

Once again, this is a great start to this model. Keep it up, and I will be back for more updates.


Superlayer: Hehe! im glad you like my logo.

Borro: Im going to add some hair and eyelashes later i think, but first ill start with her body i think. :slight_smile:

MRAY: Thanks! i will post some wires later.

peaxio: Ill try lighten up the wrinkles a little bit. Thank you.


Good job! Everything is correct!


Sounds good Taka! Updates coming up! soon :slight_smile:


Hi again!

I finally started with her body. Still alot to improve, especially around her shoulders. :eek:

Dont mind the shader…its just the brazil skinshader…i will texture her when the whole model is done. :deal:

No bump on her nipples, everything is modeled.


Woooa, that’s incredible!!! The modeling is perfect, and the lighting is really good!!! It’s GI or hand made??? How much lights did you used?

Are you gonna move her??? Cause it seems she has loooots of polys, and can be really hard to skin that…


Great work on the body. No crits again :shrug:. Anyway are you going to animate her?


I forgot… nice work on the breasts they look natural and that’s a good thing :thumbsup: Keep rocking!


Gorgeous, Vnuk, as usual :slight_smile:

My horse WIP


Woody 3d: Thanks! I used 3 pointlights.

Borro: I´ll sure try animate her…we are learning animation in school this year so i probably start on a smaller model, more “cartoonish” :slight_smile:


Just rendered out a preview of the nipple :love:


got inspired (as usual) by pixopath:s model. Hope he dont mind :eek:


this is not another female body…

your model is an excelent resource of study and… so far a great archivement, keep it up and finish her.

Q: you are doing a anatomical study or you are going all the way, (skin, rig, map etc…) ?


Very very great

I’m so jaleous…Can’t wait to see more, let us see some wires plz !!!


Wow very nice. very good feel of anatomy, muscle and bonestructure. I’m very curious to see her rigged and to see the finished result ! :thumbsup: