Character: Female with weapon


Decided to make a character for games. I´ll let you follow from start to finish and all C&C is appreciated. My goal is to get some kind of cg-job and I hope for this character to help with that.


This is what i´m going for.


Done a mesh to start sculpting from.
C&C is very much appreciated.


Added pants, t-top and a hat.
Glowes, boots, belt etc. still to be made…


Hey Smas, that’s a pretty no nonsense looking woman you’ve got happening, good stuff. There’s a couple of small things that caught my eye, primarily the position of her head. It seems she’s angling her head a bit too far forward, like she’s got a bit of a hunchback happening. Also there’s a bit of an odd crease on the upper / outer parts of her breasts where they meet the pectoral muscles. Her hips look a tad boxy to me, but that’s more just personal preference I think. Otherwise I like the general shapes you have setup, she should look pretty good as work progresses.


Hey rtrska, thank you!
First reply and allready some realy good C&C, perfect!
All you say make sense to me and i´ll keep it in mind.
Hope to be back with more stuff tonight or tomorrow.


When starting on the holster I didn´t find any good/appealing ref-images.
Decided to pic a gun and do my own holster for that.
So here´s the gun. Just the basic proportions and shape.
Now I´ll be able to start on the holster. :slight_smile:


the holster and boots.


Did some sculpting and every time I try to make her look mean. She automagicly becomes a man :frowning:
…i´ll beter get some reference for mean women :slight_smile:


Women are tricky to get looking attractive, yet tough or aggressive. Its often a few subtle things that are all that’s necessary. A slight sneer, or even just “mean” looking eyebrows are often enough to get the idea across.


This is last nights work. Still not good but it´ll do for now. C&C please :slight_smile:
Moving on to the body.


I think maybe her chin is a bit big as you’ve got it, and the mouth and nose could be slightly enlarged. This pic is kind of what I’d do, but I didn’t have enough time to really finesse it.

Anyhow, I hope you don’t mind me smearing your character’s face around like this :slight_smile:


You can smear how much you want! I´m greatful to get some feedback.
Hope to be back with more updates tomorrow.


Done some sculpting on the body.
Think i´ll leave it like this for now and move on to the clothes.
Just check proportions first :banghead:
Later I can focus on the visible bodyparts and refine those :slight_smile:
And once again all comments are wellcome!


update on the gun


Hardest part is to find useful ref-images.
High-res-gun about 80% done.


She´s got to have a bike a manly one :wink:


Updates on the actual character next week I hope :slight_smile:
Some kind of feedback or thought is very much appreciated.


trying some folds for the pants


Hi smas.

Well I liked your bike, maybe you could add more detail in the engine. But what I really recommend you to do is to model the tires. Don’t use an bump or displacement map. I’m telling for my experience, is better to model. After all is pretty easy.