Character: face wip


Next I’ll work on hair and expressions. Maybe she’s a bit too smooth on the chin now, after I smoothed it too much… I think I need to take a closer look at the teeth-shader as well, not sure what’s going on there. She’s supposed to be slightly stylized and idealised, not super-photo-real. Any c&c appreciated.


Something about the ear is off…I can’t tell what it is exactly, but I think it may need to be a little rounder to fit with her face…or it may be possible that the anti-helix is coming out just a bit too far in the center region. Just my opinion though.

Also, can you post some wires? makes it easier to crit the modeling job.

Nice work so far,



a classic one from you… what kind of critics do you need ?!.. I love the face shape… and the lips get already a wonderfull feel to her… good skin… maybe the eyelashes are a little bit bungled… or maybe is just the camera angle that overlaps them a bit… the ears need more work… but you could leave them also as they’re.




She reminds me on of my former co-workers. Beautiful, but in a “disturbing” way.

What I did spot is on the side of the head (my right her left) is a darker area which forms almost a triangle shape. The tip of eyebrow points at it.
Some people (especially skinny/old ones) have a depression in this area (because of skull’s sphenoid bone if you find a picture of it you will insantly know what I mean) but it is usually more rounded. May be the angle though.
My gf pointed to me that she looks like she used too much and not too good quality eyelash makeup :slight_smile: (don’t know the word in english, mascara?:wink: ), but I kinda like that effect.
Her lips are perfect!


hi Steven…she is srangely beutiful,but i think that if your are going for a more stylish look i might be tempted to make her eyes larger …not quite manga styley,but just enough to make her look a bit more styalised…look forward to more updates…smudger


cool stahlberg, as usual. First thing that striked me were the corners of her mouth (some strange curves or something) but I wasn’t sure anymore when I took a second look

Also is the hair final? Coz it doesn’t look that cute in combination with the red lipstick :wink:


yes. the corner is abit too sharp. Especially when the mouth is shaping like O.

Chin is definetly too rounded as you 've mention. Is too long as well. Some ppl do have long chins. But those who must not be beautiful.


Excellent stuff, but I see that the outer corner of her eye has a strange line just at the end, above the eyelashes and out towards the ear. Thats the only thing I reacted to as being off.
Also, the skin specular stands out very clearly, thou not unnaturally.

edited: not bump - specular. doh.


Okay, excellent feedback, thanks! I’ll post a wireframe later, it’s not the main issue right now, it will be soon when I start in on the expressions. Update:



Great work, you are an insperation to me, and many others as well i am sure. And i would like to say that i am not qualified to Judge this, but here it goes…

As many have said earlier, the top lip of the mouth is a little wierd, I think that this is due to the thikness of the lip at the corners…they are really wide.

The crease above here eye also seems alittle unatrual, and harsh, perhaps if it followed the upper lid more it would be less noticeable… not sure abou that one.

Lastly the septum of the nose is buggen me a little, i think that it is a little high, and should be pulled down a little

Now this could all be just drunk talk, ;), as this could be a counsious choice of style…

but thanks for sharing another insperation…


aka trybul


Thanks! okay here’s another update, and a wire


I like your meshes, very light. I learn a lot from you, really inspiring stuff (always was :wink: ).

Can’t find anything to critique now :).


this update looks alot better.


I think it looks great… the color on the lips is just perfect…


That’s a great improvement, Steven… I dig the second.

two things that striked me:

  • the inside of the ear seems quite white, unnatural white actually

  • there’s something wrong with her lower eyelid. it’s a combination of the slightly too light-red color and the straight lines near the inner eye corner. maybe smooth that sharp angle a little.

great work.


Hello Steven,

I always admired your work, but this one is nowhere to your former creations…

Itt looks like that this character has serious anatomical flaws around the lips (too narrow?), and the general form suffers from the lack of subtle details (slightly visible skinfolds, etc)

Im sorry to say that, but this character isnt as exceptional as your usual creations used to be.

Thanks your attention,


I disagree. I think this one has more “style” to it than most of your other models. They were the typical cg girl while this one is different. As for the mouth and other features that are “skewed”, I know people who look like this. It’s sort of the baby face look. Tiny lips, large eyes, not too much detail in the faces. I rather liked the previous lighting though with the extremely reflective eyes. Maybe if you could find a medium between the two.

I was wondering if you could post the eye texture map? I’m interested in seeing other peoples’ as I am working on one right now.


she’s supposed to be slightly stylized… and I think you over-estimate my previous work. :slight_smile:
But I can agree she could do with more subtlety, just under the lower eyelids for instance. And the mouth is a bit narrower than normal. Personally I don’t find wide mouths pretty, and I’m trying to give her character… another judgement call. Well I’ll widen it a little.


cool, I didn’t know your none-quad method apply to head modeling too. :slight_smile: Did you stick those ears on just like that? They blend so well to the head.

Nothing to critique since we all look different, unless you want a certain first impression feed back. She have this strong, determined look (maybe 'cause of thick eyebrows and pointy nose) on her baby face (due to her big eyes and small lips).

I like this style, not hyper realistic but have “Stalhberg” written all over it. She’s pretty but not my type. :wink: Just curious, will you be using FG render in the future?


in my oppinion the corners of the lips ,the eyelids ,ears and maybe the wing of the nose are not right, but the eyelids now are better than in the first image.