Character: Evil Bunny: Crit and Advice


hello people,

This is actually a finished model, but I wanted to see what you thought about the way I approached this, for future improvement.

I am, as you will see, a beginner. The other day, I was idling in a chat room, and someone came in and asked who would like to make a model for a test game he was working on, so I thought to myself, this could be a good exercise to work on someone else’s project, and be a motivation for me to finish something to the best of my ability. So I warned him that I was only doing this for a few months, and he asked to see some of my previous works, so I showed him and he was happy (as he wasn’t looking for something professional, just something that looked like it actually was a character) so he asked to do an evil bunny (we actually brain-stormed that in the chat room :slight_smile: ) so anyway, here’s the model:

polycount: 1314 faces

the wire:

the ear (from the bottom):

the side:

without wires:

My specific questions are:

  1. Is it any good? (considering this is an amature attempt)

  2. Is the polycount ideal?

  3. And is it right to not keep the polycount average consistant? (I have smoothed out portions of the face, excluding other parts of the model)

  4. Is the way I approached the modeling of the ear correct? (I started by extruding a face from the head and started to pull and extrude and resize from there)

  5. Any additional points you feel I should take into consideration?

Thanks in advance.



Hi there

If I were you I wouldnt start serious modeling at an evil bunny or something like that where you can always say “hell yes the proportions are all wrong but hey this thing is fantasy and doesnt exist”

Try modeling something where you really have to work acurate.

But back to the model. Well I think its a good start but you wasted tons of polygons at the ears… Oh my gosh and you even posted a close up of it :slight_smile:
Unless you dont want the ears to float like a wave or crazy stream thing you dont need that many faces.

keep it up

edit: and are you sure that you only spent 1300 polygons on it? Perhaps Its because its late but It looks like you used way more.


hi Dieblein,

thanks for the reply, and yeah i know i could’ve gotten more use out of challenging myself to something more accurate. but oh well …

thanks for the crit, i knew i could’ve approached the ears differently … will make sure to do so the next time i’m modelling bunnies … heh

and yes, i’m sure of the poly count, i double checked, though with the eyes it goes up to ~1500

thanks again, and will take you advice into mind.


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