Character : ET


Hey guys

i’m modelling a Et for a short tha I’ll make, so here is the images for critiques

The Body:

and a low

The Head:

and a low

i think that the body is finished =D

see ya guys, and C&C are more than welcomed !

Cheers! :beer:


I can’t see the images… :shrug:


Hey Cutia, congratulation, its always good to see a brasilian work here, your model is very good, but it needs some changes, try to work on the thorax and the ribs, those elements are kind of weird.
love the head, its very beautiful and BIG :surprised, why dont you post a render with the head and body together?
Well, keep with your fantastic imagination!

Falô mermão!!
Vitor Vilela


Hey Guys! =D

im here to post a rig test with the body

just a spin

330k :thumbsup:

Insane: weird man, must be a problem there, try to copy the links

Vitor: Thanks man!!! really thanks!!! well, the bad thing is that no one reply to my stuf here, is this must be prejudice, or my styff sux, who knows??? :smiley:

Yeah, its strange, the abdomen ( eh assim q escreve em ingles??) is great i think, but the chest and the ribs are a little odd,i’ll try to make it better, but i don’t know if is necessary cause i’ll put some acessories on the ches and back, maybe they will hyde the problems! =D
if u wanna my Uin 95758439

tnks for the coments!!

PS: I love yopur Vitor, the Dom quixote was amazing!! =D
see ya!!


Uhm, same problem here. No chance to see the pictures or the anim. Imposible to get a connection.


I would love to see your ET, but the links don’t work.
If you’ve got images, why not post them as attachments.

Started modeling an ET a long time ago, but only worked on it one night…would still love to make a good ET model sometime…now show me yours :slight_smile:

old ET model



Damn guys, why do you cannot see?? strange… :thumbsdow

well, lets try another way…

tryu to download these urls, must work =D

Ow!!! what a freaking cool et!!! amazing!!! do u use face modeling? and the soft???
really loved!!!

see ya guys =D


i still cannot see anything. Is your server only supporting Brazilian visitors? :curious:


tryu to download these urls, must work =D

No succes…can’t astablish a connection.
Just attach the images to a couple of posts…

Ow!!! what a freaking cool et!!! amazing!!! do u use face modeling?

Modelled with polygons.
You can see a screencap here > Wireframe

and the soft???

The soft shading?
That’s a fall-off shader (changing the color to a slighly lighter color along the edges of the model)


thanks mccordia, you are very wise =D


another one


lalalalalala :rolleyes:


and the last

the video is impossible =\


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