Character: Ernie


Hey guys, this is my character for my demo reel. I am still working on the blend shapes. Let me know what you think.


Looks very cool! What did you use here?


I really like the tight-ness of the model overall, the proportions contribute a lot to the style… the large feet and the equally large hands, well done :slight_smile: I dunno the way he is leaning maybe he would look good with a cane? Whatever you choose to do is best though, good luck on your demo reel!


Really good model. Stylization is great. The only thing that jumps out is the eyebrows. Maybe too thick; or the color. Even so, great work.


Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I agree he would look better with a cane. Im not sure if i will make any fixes though because I am trying to focus on animation now. Adding the cane will depend on the scene I think.
idub001 Im using XSI 4.


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