Character_eastern 侠, George&guo (2D)


Title: Character_eastern 侠
Name: George&guo
Country: China
Software: Ps5.0 Pt6.1

A Eastern girl
Had been understanding a lot of interesting legends in enactment that was engaged in this type of style~ age in story took place in ancient China, I am very like Chinese history, from recently., dream of to also can return to one day for that age:>


phiau liang!!! :thumbsup:


A fascinating work


hi , nice work , but …
u have added some highlights on the chest and the arms , while the face is PLAIN , so in my openion either u add some high lights to the face too or just remove it from the body so that it u maintain the harmony and unity of the flesh in the whole painting


nice work !!!":thumbsup:

i like the style ‘n’ concept !!!"


The opinion that you said is very Reasonable,these are some problems on the Method of highlights
the first, maybe I am hesitant too over, but did not keep it good, the energy puts at details
Of depict the top~ I will work hard to improve,thank you ererybody!~


i like it. i do agree with keem about the highlights. i would pretty much drop them alltogether. the style you’re mimicing loses it’s charm when made to look 3d. the most interresting parts of the image, to me, are the face and the plant behind her. i like to see the texture of the paper showing through the color a bit. nice composition and colors!


everything is great and i especially love her armour…:bounce:
it’s a game?? i’m interested to know more


indeed, this is completely amazing. Epic, fantasy… incredibly cool use of the color and strokes.

Man, me too! i d also love to live a bit on some other times, ancient china being one of them:thumbsup:


mr Guo: can you tell me about your <Character_eastern 侠>
is the background of it ,a real hand-made chinesepainting or you made it on pc ?
the texture so real ? how did you do it so chinesepainting?:eek:




nice picture ! 构图再完整点就好了~~ 问一下,朝代背景是~?


Great art and style. I was in Guzngzhou and Hong Kong in May for 10 days. I was really excited by your culture and art :slight_smile: :bounce:


:thumbsup: Really nice :thumbsup:


I like it!!!



Nice modern chinese painting styled art.


I like the sense of age and the worn feel


Again, I like it, buuuuuuut I’m curious, what’s on www.蝈蝈 I typed it into my browser, but it couldn’t find it :cry: