Character: Dynamic poses


Heey guys,

A semi-lo-res character I build. Emphasis lies on the dynamic poses and not so much on detail. There are still some minor errors to solve (the feet don’t bend like they are supposed too) … hope u like it :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll be doing an animation with this char in the near future …


Really love the first one, the second one isn’t bad, but the third one is a little strange. I don’t understand what he is suppose to be doing in the third one and the pose looks too ‘posed’ and unnatural. Good job though :slight_smile:



wow that character has mad details with such a low poly count. I love the first image, that pose its awsome. Great job.


wow, looks great. i love the stylizing that occurse in the scene. my only comment is on the rig. it looks like there is somthing wrong with his ankles. i think they are jut a little too high. i may be wrong but it seems that way to me.

overall i love the entire thing. it would be sweet to see him animated.


Wow, great model, looks very solid and has a nice styling. The first shot is particulary strong. Hope to see more of it and look forward to an animation :bounce:


that first shot reminds me of spiderman ready to spring off into action!
Cool character, looks like you’re gonna has fun with that one!



Dont change the model too much, keep it stylised like it is…its great!


Reminds me of the drawn figures in the Burne Hogarth books.
the left leg, especially the lower area, looks strange.
Is the deformation of the muscles caused by the rig or is it modeled(which app?)


Nice looking character. Really reminds me of this guy’s work due to the fact that it’s faceted, and also the ninja style pose in the second image.;action=display;threadid=10518;start=0

I’d be interested in seeing how your figure moves, because there were problems with the hard edges of the model looking slightly rubbery on this other piece in movement. The fact that you model is totally faceted may help with that, as opposed to just creating hard edges on a higher poly model.

Just to be clear I’m not accusing you of copying, I just think it would be useful for you to have a look at this other work, and in particular the motion tests, as they will help inform any changes you make to the rigging/deformation.
Looking forward to the updates :thumbsup:


thanks guys :slight_smile:
Some 4-5 years ago I started modelling a 3d character for an illustration job. Although my volumes and forms where good, I did screw up the structure (no edge loops etc)

this is the 4 year old version, 2d shading

About half a year later, I used the same model, made it a lot more cartoony and made the animation “boards don’t hit back” … That’s what you see below … The same model, but different head, hands and feet. (back then, I hated animating fingers :D)

Four years later, and after a couple of years working in the “business”, I decided to dig up old work and rework it. That’s the model I posted in the beginning.

  • da_rock21

I’m aware of that problem … I kind of screwed up there. I should have done more tests with the feet. I will fix it don’t worry :slight_smile:

  • scrimski

Burne Hogarth has been an inspiration for me when I first started drawing human figures. I guess because of that, he even influenced my 3d-work :smiley:
I used 3dsmax for modeling/rendering and rigged the char with character studio’s physique. I assign vertices to biped-bones, lock these vertices and manually type in the weight. Although this is quite time-consuming, it actually got me some pretty nifty rigs, even with hi-res characters :slight_smile:

  • mattmos

hehe … seems that more people are into modelling naked men and putting them in kungfu poses :smiley: I’ll be posting a rig-test-animation thingy soon …


Great work. Reminds me of Disneys’ Tarzan posing.


I rendered a simple animation of the shoulder rig … I especially like how the muscles on his back move :slight_smile:

385kb, divx


Really impressive movement! The ribs in particular caught my eye, spreading as the arms move up. Back works very well, and pecs look ok, could possibly do with a small shape to flatten them out a bit more when the arms move back.

Only thing that looks a bit out is when his arms are right down by his sides - the armpits seem a little too high at the front, sometimes a side-effect of rigging in the t pose…


Hi Zeno
my favorite picture is “3dart_Stills-11.jpg”, the pose is very nice. nice modeling and ringing also.
I visited your website. The project Xyanide is amazing. I like your characters, your background.
Do you have some wires from this project?
Project Delta looks nice also, perhaps a little dark, waiting for movie.


Wow…really impressive style. I love it.

Go on!



hahahahaha~~I like it very very very muchhhh!~~~nice render~

  • mattmos

ow yes, the armpits … … they are a bit high indeed … I’ll see if i can fix/patch it :smiley:

  • Franck Sitbon

thanks for visiting my site :slight_smile:
About those projects … I did around 20 minutes of cutscenes for Xyanide (partially on my own); … I’m still waiting for confirmation if I’m allowed to put some or parts of these cut-scenes on the net. So before that, I will only post personal stuff …


Great style!


well done hope u do great jobs


Wow great model, I really like how stylized he is. Great deformations too, are we going to get to see him move? Keep up the great work!