Character - Dune Giant


After pecking at this stupid thing for far too long, I’m calling him ‘done.’ Going to move onto some ZBrush stuff… have had some ideas floating around I have been dying to get out…

the flat:

the big teddy…


those are some really nice textures! he looks the be a low-poly character. i like the bloody hands and mouth!


Alright nice texture work man, especially his torso and arms ! Would be great in-game graphics :thumbsup:


Hey thanks guys, Im glad you like it.

Yeah, hes based around in-game specs… not for any particular game (nice escape from work), but just for fun…



very nice! just curious as to how many poly’s this is??


looks good, again i too would like to know how many polies, is his personel work or game related?


Thanks guys… this is just personal work. Provided for a nice release from day to day working on the same game. So this is a totally different style from what I do during the day… I showed it around the office a bit because some people had seen it when I started him and were curious… ‘‘ooooo… fantasy’’ … hehe

For the model… this is the last time I do a game model like this. His tri count ended up at just over 5,000… I would have been 100x better off doing this as a quad based model rather than a geodesic model… it took too long to organize it in a geodesic fashion, and wasn’t practical time wise… anyhow…

Heres a shot of the wires if anyones intrested…


I wish for you to add blood to his clothing,its not noticable right now. if you add it on white part it willbe more noticable. Nice feet you got on em.


Thanks man… Ill keep the advice in my head for the next stuff I do… thanks for taking the time to comment… :slight_smile:


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