Character: Dumpy


Hello everyone!

This is my latest critter, who I’m calling Dumpy. Why? I dunno. I guess he looks like he would be happy dumpster-diving all day. Anyway, I watched Monsters Inc. a few too many times, and came up with this dude. He’s rigged and ready to go for animation, (complete with bouncy hair) which I will be doing in hopes of getting him added to my demo reel in time for Siggraph. (yikes! 3 weeks!) Why again? Well, because frankly folks, I need a job.

Maya 6, maya software render with paint effect hair. There’s also a DIVX .avi demoing some of his facial setup. It’s quick and dirty, but you should get the idea.

C+C most welcome!

And the movie…

Divx AVI



This character is one of the funniest things ever! (In a good way)
The teeth are very well done.

How about a wire?


congratulaions boy…is very funny, good poses


Very cool character, only one thing to crit:

The area under his mouth could still need some texture work - Other than that, its great, really!


i like it! It looks kinda like slimer, but solid, and with legs!If i have to say something constructive, its that i think the inside of his mouth and his tongue / teeth could do with looking a bit wetter.
Nice stuff!


i agree his chin needs more detail. in your sketch you show wrinkles, that was perfect.

but everything else is great. funny little dude :slight_smile:


very nice character ~!!
i like it…the facial expression is very well done…
i have some suggest here…maybe the texture can be more interesting…and more detail for the front part…


Nice one.
The facial rig looks cool. I gotta make me one of those myself… :slight_smile: hehe…


O.M.G I love him ! Hahaha, i hope i get an animated version to see later on …

Could you post a 1600 x 1200 pic so i can use him as my background ? Great work man, hope to see some more of you :wink:



Hey thanks everyone!

I’ll try to post a wire later today.

I agree that his mouth needs to look wetter. I’ll paint up a specular map in a jiffy.

With his belly, I was going for a soft look, where his back and sides are bumpy and rough…but if I get that suggestion too many times, I’ll look into it.

And yeah, I’ll have a few animations done in the next few weeks, that was the whole point of making him! This is where it gets fun!


Thanks for the compliments Andy H…I’ve seen your work, and it inspires me



Aww thanks! :blush:

While im here, id also like to say that the eye shader could be improved - make it wetter, shinier and brighter - the grey shading in the corners is making it look very artificial.
Great model, and great textures - you just need to work on the shaders and lighting a bit more, and then its done!
Keep it up lad.


Yeah, I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to lighting/shading. I’m an animator first, modeler second.

Thanks for the tips!


it is a graceful and original model


Maybe if I put him in a sexy, revealing outfit the fanboys will stop by…


fantastic model and texture.

i agree with there needing more detail on the chin, but other than that… the character seems ballanced and flows nicely. Realy is “full of character”

Great work


Awsome! I love him … Any crits I might have have been adressed.


Cool. He’s pretty gross alright. I bet you can’t wait to get animating him… I can’t wait to see it! Put some more texture/bump work into his mouth, lips, and gums as they are so prominent on him.


Yay! I got stars! I feel like I’m in 2nd grade again! :smiley:

How’s the job hunt coming HenningK?

I still watch your reel from time to time…

What? I like my hat.


I saw your work on tensec club not too long ago (with that same turtle I believe as yuor icon, well I hope it’s you anyway), I thought it was the funiest thing I saw until I saw this guy, holy jeez I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard… Really awesome modeling there he’s full of life already !

I love it! (there’s no smiley made yet for your work yet)-(believe me I looked nothing seemed appropriate enough :wink: )


very nice character, good poses :applause: