Character: Dragon WIP


EDIT: I’ll show here the latest updates so i edited the post.
I apologize for the missing images on this thread but i had troubles with my domain…now i have a new one so i’m going to update image links a soon as i can…see you

THE FINAL IMAGE is posted to this link “Frozen Breath

Latest Dragon Updates

Latest “Winter Tree” Update

I’ve just started today this model of a dragon with 3ds max 6.
Soon i will update it and post some progress
Till now i have the concept draw and the first part of geometry…

C&C are welcome


Cool, would really like to see how this turns out :bounce:


Yeah this looks like it could be interesting! :bounce:
Probably too early for help in the model, but try to add a lot of polys in the more detailed areas like the mouth so that you can then add more details later on without having to go back (creases, cuts, wrinkles ect)

Good start :thumbsup:


great work !!!
i like dragons…:bounce:


Little update…
Question: i need an opinion, better if i model the head with the mouth opened or closed?
i think opened but i’m not sure…what do you think?
Soon other updates (i hope :slight_smile: )

Thank you for comments


I think it’s easyer if you model the mouth open, cause the skining should go faster.
Do you plane to make a displace map for all the little details?


The skinning goes faster. That’s just a fact. BUT, if you model the mouth closed, you’ll be sure it closes correctly when opening and closing the mouth. If you model it open, you might model the underMouth to short, or not precisly fitting. So you’ll have to measure it by moving the verts up, and back in position. I think it’s well worth those extra 30 minutes in the skinning process.


What I might suggest in regards to modeling the mouth open or closed is that now you have the mouth modeled closed… open it. either by selecting the verts and rotating and translating it into place or by simply placing a couple of bones in the mouth to open it.

it is usually a good idea to model in a default position . that is, for the most part, midway between extended and prone. this will help assure good deformation and texture stretching.

I have a feeling that if you keep the model closed, when you texture it, you will see either poor deformation at the base of the throat (where lower jaw meets the neck) or a large amount of stretching in the corners of the mouth. And of course large texture stretching in the jaw area.

just my 2 cents… good start on the model though.


Yes you are right, now it’s closed just to make it fit with the superior part of the mouth, but is not attached yet, so before attaching it and close the mesh i will open it…
But maybe before it’s better for me to model the inner mouth parts, so i can also see if teeth have a correct position…are you agree with this idea?
I had already done a dragon time ago but i don’t remember what process i used to realize the mouth…anyway thank you for your suggests (everybody).


yes, I could see where it might be to your advantage to model the detailed inner part of the mouth before opening it.

i am anxious to see more!


Pretty early to critic, but the start looks great. I agree with others, open his mouth :slight_smile: Your drawing looks great by the way !


kendallstump, That’s good advise, I havn’t even thought about textures, thanks man :thumbsup:

motenai, Smart of you to model the jaw seperatly, I’ll keep it in mind for my own projects, thankx :slight_smile:


New Update!
I added some detail to both parts of the head, now i’m modeling the inner mouth and then i’ll attach everything…
I think i have to add some additional cut on the lips don’t you think?

C&C are always welcome :slight_smile:


Added teeth, interior mouth, some more generic details, and the nose hole…
About the nose hole i’m not convinced…what’s wrong with it in your opinion? I modeled it like in the reference, but i don’t like it…
Thank you for your answares


Perhaps you put the nose hole further along nearer the end of his muzzle, thats what I would do but you really got to make it your own.


I think it could be a little bit further on the nose, you could also give him a nostril, check this out:

It’s a bot more of the clasic dragon nose, but I think it’ll look good.


Thank you for your comments on the nose, i modeled a bit the poligons near thenose hole and now looks much better i think… but it’s in the same position, just a bit higher.

Today i drawed the side reference for the body so take a look down here…
muscles are a bit irrealistic i know, but i’m not expert of anatomy :sad:
Anyway during modeling i’ll try to take also some human references for the arms…

Ah…someone asked me to use my reference pictures to model their own dragons…if anyone needs and wants to use them you are free to do :slight_smile:
Just put your signature here :deal: ehehe i’m joking


Motenai, I like it, maybe flared nostrils would go down well. It just seems a bit skinny but its too early for that, I’ll wait untill I can see the full beast. Keep it up.


Most dragons seem skiny to me:curious: .


Sorry but i’m italian so i don’t understand everything of english language…can you explain me what does “skinny” means?