Character: Dragon Snake


This is my latest work. It was modeled and rendered in Blender 2.31. My aim was to develop a story where a dragon/snake mixture of an animal appears, but I’m not sure yet if works. Most people say that

a) the snake has a funny head
b) murenas don’t crawl
c) dragons have wings and feet

I admit that there is something to it…

Please give me critique, but don’t forget to say something nice after at least 10 bashing posts :wink:


I like the modelling a lot, actually. It’s a nice break frome the “standard” dragon form.

What needs improvement, IMO, is texturing. The snake could be a bit more seperated from the background, and there seems to be a lot of texture stretching going on - especially on the neck, the tail, and some trees.


I love the modeling of the dragon. I agree that the textures need a little work. It seems that the textures on the dragon and the tree are so similar that the detail runs together a little (maybe it’s camoflage :wink: ).

Blender is coming along very nicely as an application and how can you argue with free!


I like the modeling of the Dragon personally. The only critique I have is in regards to the surroundings. The trees need more texturing work. Blend on brother.


hmm, I don’t think the trees need work, i like the style this way. I do agree that the dragon (excellent modeling by the way) needs to be separated more from the background but I think picking a complete different base colour isn’t the solution because it wouldn’t be that believable since it’s more logical an animal has the colour of it’s surroundings (the way nature flows). I thought fixing the lighting, but that would destroy the mood. Maybe make the base colour dark green?

Oh and one thing: “dragons have wings and feet” sounds like a pretty strange suggestion. anyone ever seen one? Dragons are a fantasy creation and thus free to imagine how one likes. I strongly advice to keep it this way (especially the head) to keep it separated from the “normal” dragons.

One more thing is: why is the background whit? I would expect black…

nice piece :thumbsup:


It really blends into the background…maybe you intended it too? Regardless the model is pretty good but i dont see much resemblance to a dragon.


I like this image, the mood of the trees are dark despite the background light, I say add more trees, less white bg, fix the texture on the tree that the head is on, other than that I think you’ve got great direction, and shows a lot of potential.

cheers, and may I say excellent blender skills.


hmmmmm, did you do this in blender?:bounce: :bounce:



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