Hi It´s JJ again.

I want you to see a Character for a Short movie I´m making with a team-mate animator.

Please tell me all you want about it.

The character is ready for character setup. It´s a cartoon look short. I´ll add animations and enviorement reules soon at my web site. The enviorement looks a bit simple, but it´s really nice see it moving…

I´ll return…


I love it!!!


That’s one hell of an interior scene…is there any other rooms or characters…like a side kick :wink:

Keep them coming!!



:applause: :applause: :applause: wooo the character is SO COOL :slight_smile: cant wait untill the animation is done.


hahahaha it’s perfect :beer: :thumbsup:


Awesome! It reminds me the LucasGame Maniac Mansion.
Good job! :scream:


that cel-shader is pretty top notch… u’re worx rock…

can’t wait 2 c more stuff from u… :thumbsup:


What a cool character!
This looks like it’s going to be a very nice piece - can’t wait to see the final!


lol, the char is really cool! :slight_smile:

More chars plz! :applause:

:buttrock: TheHellmaster :buttrock:


IIIIIIIIIIIII like it…great work…nice shading too…I’d like to see more of this guy…wires and stuff…you know:thumbsup:


thanks all

I´ll add more chars and the Dr´s pet. I think it´s really funny pet!


that’s real pro work, nice job.:thumbsup:


Can’t wait to see the pet :love:


looks great! Although the feet on the guy look a little to primitive. Can’t wait to see the animation.


The bloody handprint on his jacket is nice and i think it would be funny if there was a bloody footprint on it somewhere too. Nice use of color to balance the interior scene.:slight_smile:


hehe, kewl Character!
Nice moody environment:thumbsup:



Great character! :slight_smile:

A request: Could you get the bloody handprint rotated so that it looks like he wiped his own hand off, please? There is no way that that is his print at that angle.

Right now it looks like a dying victim begged for mercy by pulling on him while pleading for his/her life… and that’s a bit of a downer with such a humorous-looking scientist.

Otherwise, really nice scene and character. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.



I hate you… really…
Not only perfect starwars models but also great cartoon characters.

Tell us more about that movie, and update as soon as you can, because I have a good feeling about this… :slight_smile:



Hola JJ!

I Love your works man! Awesome concept on Dr. Vela here :buttrock: Well rendered as well:thumbsup: I really cant wait for you to finish this project, his pets and the anim:bounce:

More update please!

PS: could you tell share us bit about stats…ussual stuffs like apps,wireframe etc? Thanks


No surprises! You are the man!


Nice work, one comment, the hand print is in a weried spot if you know what i mean, mite want to move it down or up or over. someone try to grab him well anyway… nice work :slight_smile: