Character - Donkey


Good Day!

I’m modeling this character in max and i’m planing to animate it…

Please crit on the topology and modeling as a whole.



great work, I love this style :slight_smile: good chance this turns out very nice.

Can’t really crit the model, but it doesn’t really look like your sketch. The sketch looks like it didn’t eat for weeks, while the model looks like it just had dinner. But I can imagine you did that on purpose…


Looking at your sketch, i can say that your neck is way thicker than on the sketch. Apart from it, everything looks very good. I like the sketch and model a lot - keep up the good work. This will turn out great.


Thanks for the comments!

I started modeling by this sketch, but then i realized that i want my 3d model to look good and not to look 99% like the concept.

Altho i may try to make it look more hungry :slight_smile:



Love it! Really good facial expression, clean modeling, great alround.

Will be good to see this animated!

Keep it up great stuff.


Hi Genko,reallly nice piece of work,loved the sketches and feel the crossover into3d has worked really well…my only concern is where his heels nip in under his ankles these may be a bit tight
and may not deform to well…other than that fantastic work with a refreshing style…are you going to put fur on him…or texture it on…would really suit the ice age treatment…i look forward to seeing your updates…cheers smudger


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