Character designs for modelling reel


My first thread. Critique it! I’m deciding what to model in my demo reel. Still at the conceptual stage now.

I’m so sorry bout the previous post. fixed it now. newbie.


sorry guys about the not being able to post problem…
Please keep checking this thread out please i’m gonna post in more stuff soon
hopefully i will take this into the 3d section.

here’s something more to show
please critique

i’ve got more creature designs and set designs coming up.
making a point to post at least something a day.


cute alien design


Great designs man, I can’t wait to see the finished model all rigged and animated.



I like the first one best! :smiley:


here’s some soft body designs to begin with.
this one is called Oddy

more random designs… will come out with a main creature that i’m thinking of modelling… shall paint that one in photoshop before i post it up. thanks and keep those critiques coming. remember, tell me which one is worth modelling and putting in a modelling demo reel. do give me some cool ideas about how to make a modelling reel interesting too. thanks a lot.

that was a frog like thing inspired by a mudskipper

something about wierd looking rabbits appeal to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

tried variations of the rabbits… ended up putting bat wings on it.

here’s a sketch of a cutie… ppl tend to like creatures with huge eyes.



Very well done, cant wait to see more.


I think if you did the first robot design and do it good, you’ll make a very good impression :thumbsup:
I don’t know what kind of artist you are, I assume a modeling artist so for the character, I’d do the one in blue (second one) You could model this one super great, or animate it super great, but I assume you’re a modeling artist, anyhow, great work :thumbsup:


Hey, Boogieman - some very good stuff there - you seem to be very versatile!

I really like the mechanical monster [‘Silent Scream’] - it looks very original!

Some of your character designs wouldn’t look out of place in one of Pixar’s movies - a very good mix of ‘cuteness’ and personality! One thing I might say is that in some of your drawings (especially the first one - the alien with the raygun), the character looks slightly off-balance. If your aim was just to get the creature down on paper then I guess that doesn’t matter though - not sure I could do any better anyway! :wink:

Thanks for critiqueing my sketch BTW, Boogieman! [ ].



yeah, my name is Nick by the way. I think i’m definitely gonna give the first robot a try… i’m working on the sideview and the front view… this can be a bit tricky tho. especially for the stance it’s at.
once it’s done i shall work on the proxy of the model. i’m a modelling artist i guess… gonna texture it too… and since it’s a robot i wouldn’t have too much a problem rigging it… thanks for the response. there are still some major designs that i’m gonna model. but for now i’ll work further on robot no.1…

I have six months to finish this modelling reel… and land a job. and i’m required to have all my designs before the next two weeks done. having a presentation of convincing my mentors that my reel is gonna be kick ass… at least the initial part of it. lots to work at!

here’s some of the creature designs that i’m thinking of doing too. please give advice to like maybe the proportions of the beast or maybe some ornaments to decorate it. i’m goin for a tribal look to the beasts. cuz i’m thinking of modelling a realistic little tribal indian kinda girl as a companion for the beast.


Damn, check out the skills on this guy :stuck_out_tongue:
youve got some really good looking pieces over there.

i woudl love to see some cleaned up because some of the pieces are real dirty which makes it a little hard to judge some.
but i can see that youve got quite allot of potencial.


The first one of the beasts is really nice and wouldn’t misplace and indian girl. Is she gonna be a kid? Jusk asking 'cuase that’s the way I picture it in my head. About ornaments and stuff. You could give the beast some rings or neclaces something like that. I think you should go totally wild on the sadle. I think you should look up some references of indian beasts, since it has to be a bit realistic.

About the first robo model, the reference images don’t have to be the same as the design at all. It’s best to make an image so that it shows all the detail there is and it’s an easy pose to model, but a relaxed pose for the character to stand in. You can always rigg it later and put it in a nice pose. :wink:


I love the silent scream ones… Sexy! nice work, great detail, cool lighting. No complaints.


this would definitely be a great model i cant wait to see it till we graduate…good job nick ive got no comment


i am really loving those mech designs! neater!


wow, didn’t expect some cool critiques goin on here… thanks a lot guys… please check on me often! i shall be posting more designs… in a way, i can’t be lazy and will work on more stuff.

i’m thinking of getting the proxy model done first… the indian girl would be a young girl probably about the age from 8-12. I’m taking inspiration for all sorts of sources, especially national geographic portraits. thanks again for the critiques… i’m definitely modelling the silent scream robot! yeah i’m thinking of cleaning up the models and painting it in photoshop… once i figured out the beast design.

just went for a movie “the village”… inspired by the creature design there… it’s nothing much but the depth of the story made that creature so mysterious, it has another kinda appeal to it. maybe i’ll come out with a sketch somewhat of that feel.

here’s some set designs. i’m gonna incorporate the buildings into an environment… that’s challenge for me as i never tried to draw buildings before. tell me what you think. numbered them too.


hey nick ~~ NICE WORK MAN ~! finally you took the advice ehh… now you see the guys on talk are really good woth feed back ~ man~ soo keep doin what you doin ~~
ill sseee you around at VFS ~


I really like 3,6 and 5 They look really nice, by the looks of it they’re made of wood and straw. Which I think will ad a lot of admosphere. I know in india it isn’t all poor and they have normal houses too, but this is an CG-image. I think that’d look great.
About the others:
When I look at number 4, I can’t help thinking of an evil docters labratorium, I think that’s due the tower on the side. Number 7 could be an haunted mansion. I suppose it’s on purpose, but the perspective seems kinda off. 2 is more like and indian hut. (you know the guys with feathers, the original citizens of America (<–hope this doesn’t offend, it’s in no way meant to upset anyone)) Number 1, Hmm, I dunno, it isn’t really clear.

Good work! :thumbsup:

EDIT, the young girl idea is sweet, it s much more intresting than a young woman, or an middle aged woman, a very old woman would be nice too, but go for the young one :smiley:


great work, looks awesome. personally I like 1, 3, and 6 as they really fit together in a set.

maybe color them up and visualize it a little more?


Hi guys! thanks for the response… here’s the sketch inspired by that movie “village”

do you think it’s viable to model?