Character Design Tutorials and Rules


well i ve been fiddlin around on how to put up this thread…cause i have alot of stuff to tell here…but…how to keep it compace thats the main issue…im not real good at pdfing stuff…ah.well anyways here goes

character design, what is it that defines a good design from a bad one and also what is it that defines a good designer froma a bad one.
a good design is not something that looks cool ,often artists go berserk when designing making characters into some sort of an ego parade of skill display but while doing that often forgetting the essential rules that make a character look beleavable in its enviroment

what are those rules
1 enviroment- in order to make a beleavable character one must allways be aware of its natural surroundings. enviroment is crucial in defining the second step
2. natural evolution. yes i know it sounds pretentious and very high brow but its actually rather simple in order to sufrvive in the enviroment character must have ways to overcome its obstacles, whether by using his personal body skills or accesories…these skills, physical atributes and accesories give a great variety of choices to a skilled artist to make a beleavable character fit into the world
3 history and evocative elements-in order to make the next step u must be aware that that character sort of existed before you drew it, characteristics of nationality, special features to define hima -her-it as a member of a certain group with its tradition meaningful elements instead of overpumping it with every imaginable peace of c… it could pick up on the road
4 anathomy… yes…lemme say that again…anaathomyy… u trembling allready?? well that aint all…anathomy af many species…now trembling?..did i mention bugs?? ah well

so to get things started ill post some light warmup stuff more comin soon


Awesome, can’t wait man, the rules make sense to me…
But… when designing an E.T, you don’t really have to think about the common anatomy of creutures on earth, right?
You may desing your own, as long as it would actually work?
Can’t wait!


and more comin up


Awesome, I have always been wanting to learn some comic style drawing :smiley:
Btw, it is ANATOMY not ANATHOMY, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep up the good work!


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Hi …Nebezial… :thumbsup:
GREAT…the magic of CREATION…thru EVOLUTION of THOUGHT…can’t wait to see the
magic happenings happen…nice idea for a thread//tutorial…Nebezial…:applause:


great of you to make this. keep those golden nuggets of wisdom coming neb! very much appreciated!


Oh btw if it gets popular and big enough like the gigantic other tutorial [and I suspect, it will) , I’ll make a pdf out of it and host it for us folks.


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well here is another page


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breath taking gasp … can someone change the rules i want to give another 5 stars…


breath taking gasp … can someone change the rules i want to give another 5 stars…

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nebez! Very precious comic work flow! (Seems like self-explored knowledge more than sourcing from others masters… )

this part is really hard to teach. Ppl who draw comic usually gotta haf own unique mindset.

I like the Wildboar & the Snake Hulk character design! Really unique & powerful outlook.

Btw, i wonder where u study ur art? R u a self-taught artist… U seems to get along many type of Art form!

Yeah.b4 i forgot… DId u manage to get ur 1GB ram yet?!

Nice starting stage… Put ur 3D aside first…hehe~!!


thanx everyone plenty more comin
dinodog_Jr you guessed right, im self taught , here in croatia the art programs are seriously directioned towards abstract so all i could do is work hard and learn it myself… i guess its all in the mind i set before me some impossible tasks and incredible rivals to catch…and with time i got better
but the reall stuff i guess really comes from thinking alot…lookin at the big picture…that helped me develop my own sort of a theorethical approach in wwhich one doesnt just create a character but through it confirms the existance of a world.
aboiut the realism in the work…it was greatly influencetd with fiddling round 3d …basically while looking for that perfect render u kinda start seeing the elements you are looking for and once u realise that the rest is kinda automatic
oh and i did get me a gb of ram woohoo:beer: