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Hi. I suddenly fell in love with this style of character design. I was wondering if you could please give me some advice or links on how to achieve such amazing masterpieces. My thirst for 3D art was quench with this. Thanks.


They have Asian look, but European eyes type. A bit enlarged eyes and a bit small mouth. Sexuality, mostly straight hair. Special haircuts and dresses, you’d better be in love with fashion, and anime and manga.


Two words to broaden your mind, Chris: Victoria’s Secret.


Thanks. I noted that tip.


Hi Gian. Yeah, I’m focusing ONLY at character design for a moment. I met different artist that achieved the look that I want so I got enough inspiration. I studied the face structure of this kinds of design. things I noticed are.

  1. The got only 1 small fold of eye wrinkle.
  2. they got a heart-shape head (Majority)
  3. They got a sexy lips, they got a quite bulky lip but got a very thin pinch on the side.
  4. Not sure about this but they don’t have a deep smile line.
  5. When they doing talk animation, They don’t open their mouth so much and their smile line is not moving.

These are just what I observed. The result of this would be link an anime-ish 3D.


Maybe these can help you:

Guide to Manga Drawing:

Books on drawing Manga:

Book specifically about drawing Manga Clothing/Fashion:

Manga Cover Designs Collection book:

These are not 3D guides as such, but learning to draw 2D Manga would probably help you to create good 3D Manga character designs as well.

Good luck!


I attended a class on this a while back. It was an art class and not related to CG, but some of it I think overlaps. As I remember from the class:

  1. They look for perfection, with absolute minimum of wrinkles.
  2. The heart shape draws attention to the upper face, ie the (usually) big eyes. The eyes are very important for these Anime type characters.
  3. The thin pinch on the lips is again for the perfection look. I don’t remember if the teacher commented on bulky lips.
  4. The small smile is supposed to be cool and in keeping with minimum facial emotions/expressions. They all have to look cool, male and female.
  5. Same observations as 4.

mister3d is I think well clued-up on this stuff. He can probably be of more help.


wow. Thanks alot. this is a big help.


Hi. I believe I got the right observation. Thanks. You’re a big help too.



Don’t you mean the expressed sexual obsession with neoteny and pedomorphic facial characteristics?


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