Character : <--- DEMON --->


<—UPDATED 04.08.03 —>

See page 4 please ! :slight_smile:


C&C are welcome, as usual ! :slight_smile:


nothing to crit so far, i like him :thumbsup: :applause:


very nice, like it a lot :buttrock:

would be nice to see a wirframe, is it LW?


Thanks for the nice comments ! :slight_smile:

here is an updated version, proportion revised and no more horns on the sides. I also aded some fols in the neck and added some ram horns (not finished).

C&C are as usual welcome !


Lookin pretty cool there :slight_smile:
I like the ram type horns better personally… though the last turn of the horns it is a bit too sharp of an angle I think. Keep it up :slight_smile:


He looks great!


put his chin horns back, and make his “ram” horns flat, and then you got your self one BADASS demon… Pun intended.


Non mais c’Est tu le fun de modeler des demons…: )

He looks great, Jb continue your good work and give him a body : )


Hey looks good. His eyelids might need a bit more detail, they look like sockets rather than folds of skin around the eyes.

Also maybe a bit stronger nose and brow for more masculine power . . . heheh.

Looking forward to the rest!


[sorry for the lack of spellcheck!]


Nice job so far Joe. I want a big mean body on this guy. hehe or maybe a small shriveled up skinny body for laughs. Could be funny.

Take care bud.


Thanks for the comments guys !
farley : ok sir, no problem sir, it’s done sir ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Visualboo : I think I’ll go for a big musculous body (how original ! well, I’ll make some tries later)
Martyyr : je sais, je sais :wink: Faudrait que l’on bosse sur une pochette de métal comme prévu un de ces quatre matins ! :slight_smile:
BiTMAP : I don’t think I’ll put back the chins horns and to flatten the actual ones, I dunno… I’ll give it a try and see if it works.

Update !!!


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he’s a nicely modeled demon, only that he extremely reminds me of Horny from that game, em, from Bullfrog? Dungeon Keeper i think. His face analogies are extremely similar. I like the look, only it looks like a crossmix between something that could be described as cartoon, and a human model.


Originally posted by Spliff_Richards
I think he looks a bit jewish with those horns.

Spliff_Richards, if that is a racially biased remark, kindly refrain from making such comments in the future. Racism is not tolerated on these forums.

Thank you.



You should pull in the corners of the mouth a bit, to form those little identations there. Try to check reference photos of real people to see what you should aim for. Also, the lower lip could be a bit more fuller and smoother.

Tthe nose could use some tweaking as well, it doesn’t fit the character and the nostrils aren’t defined enough. And I’d make the brow/forehead area stronger, so that he could ram anything with his head :slight_smile:


“I think he looks a bit jewish with those horns”

Hail hitler eh? Despite that thread where you bashed Americans maybe you can get off the political uneducated soapbox now?

very nice job, love the detail and modeling overall… if he was coming at me… I would run :beer:


Oh, c’mon, this thread is not 'bout that.
Your model is looking very good, I like both horn tipes, maybe it depends on what the body will look like. I was impressed on how easily? you could just give him completely different horns :slight_smile:
Keep posting :thumbsup:


Thx for the comments and suggestion (I’ll try to retouch the lips tommorow, don’t have time today because I have an interview for a job (wish me luck :slight_smile: ).

PS : I don’t like racist posts. Could an admin remove it please, thanks.

Here is an update :


i like it from the front. but the side the horn looks mellowed. maybe make it broader from the side view (horns)? So in short it is more oblong (oval) than roundish horns.

Oh one word… fantastic!


Man… horns like that go from the head and down to the front - not the back… or will get like “princess Star Wars” hair do.

:wink: I know its hard - but check from ref on the aries sign.

Keep up!