[character] :: demon head | hi-poly


Hi there folks… before I start posting the pictures I have to put some disclaimer and stuff here first.

So, this character, although it’s 100% mine, was made from concept drawings done by http://www.ALEXALVAREZ.com and so all the credits for that go to him.

Nevertheless, you may know Alex from his GNOMON DVD series, and this drawing was on one of his DVDs. I haven’t seen those dvds, 'coz I’m a max user so it wouldn’t be much of use to me, but a friend of mine, who uses maya, showed me the drawings and said it’d have been cool to model that in max. So I did… :smiley:

Now to the model: it’s meant to be just a modeling study and I’ll also paint some nice textures and create some cool shaders etc… BUT, I’d also like to RIG him. Which I have absolutely NO idea how to do that… Therefor I’m posting this thread, because not only would I like to hear some comments/crits, but I’d also like to learn how to create a facial rig usin classic bones system in 3ds max 6. No morphs or other 3rd party programs (unless they’re for free :twisted: ).

End of crap, here are the pictures:


Still going:

Almost there:


Finished the modeling (thou still not 100% finished…):

I still have to tweak some details/imperfections on the model, as well as add some veins and horns, obviously. And then, I’ll unwrap it, paint the textures, create shaders and stuff and rig it, hopefully with some one’s help here. SO, PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT, TELL ME, PLEASE, I’D LOVE TO MAKE HIM TALK!

So, that’s it for now… I’ll see you soon, with some updates… Thanks in advace for your comments :thumbsup:



It’s wonderfull, perfect modeling, i have nothing to tell about the modeling. I love the drawing, and i want to see the maps now ! :thumbsup:


looks good, no rejects I can think of.

how long did u work on this one?

one thing that arouses my curiousity -

did u build the model in low poly and then used meshsmooth?


Heya guys, that was freakin’ quick :thumbsup:

Thank you for the comments! It’s very nice to see that my work is appreciated :slight_smile:

And what did you exactly mean, gabby_ovadia? by saying “did u build the model in low poly and then used meshsmooth?” - on the pictures, all the wireframes are UNMESHMOOTHED!, they were sculpted this way, then I, ofcourse, use meshmooth for final rendering. The process was pretty straight forward: I started with a simple PLANE object and with FACE-TO-FACE technique I kept on extruding edges and then I added some cuts/connections etc… to get some fine detail, that was it :slight_smile: the model has cca 6500 polygons, all hand made :scream: and it took me approx. 25-30 hours of net time…
Thx and c’ya soon with some nice colors :smiley:


when I saw the shots, I assumed that u built it like this.

u’re crazy.
I never tried to model these kind of things before (only once, and this one time I did use lowpoly and smoothing)

but it restricts your control on the mesh for modifications.
I think u can save some polygons here though. let the smoothing do part of the work… that’s why it’s there :wise: , no?



To gabby_ovadia: yeah, you’re right, but the more polygons you have on the mesh, the more control you have over the final meshsmoothing! So if, for example, I wanted to do a crease somewhere on the model, I’d add some more loops to it and that’d do the job :wink:

Nevertheless, the more polygnos a model have, the less control you have when trying to animate it :frowning: which is why I need some help with rigging/skinning the face, because I’m not a very good skinner, well… I’ve never done it before, so you get the picture :frowning:

Anyway, thx for the comments and please ppl, add some more reactions, I’d like to get this on the front page in the end, that’s my goal :wink:



nice piece of modeling… i’m really curious for final stuff (i mean clay render,that’s what i love the most)… your demon looking just perfect,keep workin’ man


To furo: Heeey, buddy :wink: it’s nice to see you around, how’s the Hummer 2 progressing? :wink: anyway, don’t worry, the final look of it should be just fine :smiley: hopefully with the rig, if SOMEONE HELPS ME! :wink:


This model is so nice. I can’t wait to see what it will be like with horns and everything on it. I sent you another PM by the way, loocas. :slight_smile:


To Cs42886: thanks man :wink: and yeah, have already read it…


Hi Loocas,

Nice modeling, I don’t have anything to critic. But somehow it seems too dense for me in some areas, like the cheek? I think you could get away with fewer polygons there. I’ve read some things about localized sub-division but since I’m no expert on that, I can’t really help you there either :expressionless:

But great job :slight_smile: would like to see more


Very nice model :slight_smile: cool.
hmm… things to crit… hm…
the area between his nose n upper lips? it seems a bit different from the drawing.
still its very nice model :slight_smile: cheers


To mawashi: :thumbsup: thx dude, but as to the mesh density, believe or not, but I had headed for such detail from the very begining, so it’s this dense on purpose :wink:

To 5awamura: thank you, and yeah, it’s a bit different, because I had sticked with the drawings to a certain level, other than that is just my additions/modifications, I definitely didn’t want to copy-cat Alex Alvarez!


yeah, he sort of designed it as meshsmooth level 1,
haven’t ya looc? :smiley:

personally, loocas,
no doubt u have great eye for modelling and good analaysis. but I think It will be better should you make another copy of this file, and start cutting your polygons budget, not too much it u don’t want, but it will make it much cleaner and easier to use.

just think about the time you’ll want to attach it to a body…

It’ll also give you a practice on working techniques.
let’s say, In a studio, there’'ll be a rigger, and you the modeler…
he’ll get a heart attack!

I say, clean it up a little bit.
and let the meshsmooth do the work.


Hey there folks, so, I have some updates today.
First, I made the mesh assymetrical and after that, I created some veins and stuff on him, as well as the horns :wink:

Hope you’ll like it and post SOME MORE COMMENTS! :wink:

Test Render #01:

Test Render #02:

Test Render #03:

Now, who COULD HELP ME WITH THE RIGGING PART? PLEASE? Just give e some tips/hints or let me know about some tutorials, but I ONLY NEED TO KNOW HOW TO CREATE A FACIAL RIG USING BONES SYSTEM IN MAX

Thank you and see you soon with some updates, hopefully it’ll be the textres :wink:


Heya mate :wink: I totally understand the point you’re trying to make and to be honest, if I was a rigger and I got this, I’d kill the modeller :wink: BUT it’s JUST my personall project demonstrating my skills and abilities etc… you know the crap :wink: and I wanted to go for EXTREME detail. Nevertheless, I’d like to rig it, but I need some help as I said… but I’ll definitely do it! Now tell me one thing, if this was done in ZBrush 2.0 and it had over million polygons, would you still be bitching about it? :wink: 'Coz models imported from ZBrush are UNUSABLE! :smiley: No offence, I know what you meant by that comment and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, but for the purpose of this excercise, I leave it as is… :wink:


Noo!!! I’m gonna sue you for that!!!
It’s absolutly unacceptable!!!

  • I like the veins in the update. keep up


To gabby_ovadia: Dude, you’re killin’ me :scream:



A little update… well, update… :scream:

I’ve just started on mapping the bastard :banghead:

Weeeeel, just wish me luck and iron nerves :scream:



c’mon guys, don’t tell me I’m not far enough to get some crits/comments? Or that this model isn’t worth a single note! :sad: Guys/gals, I want to get this (finally) on the frontpage, but with this LACK of comments, I start feeling like it’s a shithouse :sad: especially now, when mapping the 8300 polygons! :shrug:

Veeery sad! :sad: