Character: Dancing..


I’ m developing this character for a contest. ( i think i should not say on which page the contest is running, because if some of you guys would take part in it, my chance to winn would be very small… :wink: )

The subject of the contest is “motion”.
My idea is an dancing elf-woman, but simply look at the sketch :wink:

This is my first female human character and my first finished human character on the whole. I modeled it in two days (one day for the head, one for the body) in about 14 houres of work. Apart from the feet i’ m very pleased whith it.

The Wire of the Head

And here my first attempt to bring it to a pose, but i’m not happy whith te result, so I will start another attempt tomorrow.

I hope to get some usefull tipps :slight_smile: Thx!

PS: I’ m from germany and normally, i should now be sitting there learning vocabularies for the english exam on monday… so i hope you’ ll understand what i want to say :wink:


the boobs look odd from the side, i think they are sticking out a little too much sidewards;
the toes are simply too flat, the heels too big -especially for an elf girl. -maybe she could be a tad skinnier, somehow she appears quite massive…
the knees seem to be too pointy, and big, too.
since you are german, i presume, i’ll write some advice in german as my vocabulary is poor in this case… wegen den möpsen: denk dir eine senkrechte ebene vom rückgrat zur brustspitze, an dieser ebene sind die möpse recht flach, deswegen sehen sie von schräg vorne so ‘gedätscht’ aus… ich hoffe, du verstehst, was ich meine…


Hmm. You mean she should look more petite in general?
The breasts are really a bit strange… I’ll try to make them better. Thx for criticizing!

Ok, here a new pose i created recently:

It’s not finished at all, but i’m pleased with it yet.


yeah, quite a bit better now!
as for the proportions: take a look at this: elfwoman.gif (scanned out off my how-to-draw-manga book)
hope it helps a little!


After an unvoluntary pause ( school… :frowning: ), I modeled the cloth ( or should I say scarf?? ).

click at the image for a bigger version

I dont like the shadow, but I didn’t want to wait further 20 minutes to render another image.

greets, JP


definitely getting somewhere!
but she still needs toes, well, either none or real toes, nothing in between!
the cloth is too straight at the edges, needs to be wavier.
the figure is fine now, i think, but somehow the face looks a bit too masculine to me!

keep going!

p.s. it’s also the neck! the base of the neck is way too strong!

p.p.s. here’s what i mean:


I’ve tryed to crate a realistic looking skin material.
After a few days of frustration, here is the first acceptable result:

Dont ask what the strange shadow on her left eye is… i dont know!


Hmm. Here is another skin shader… not as well as i want it to be but i dont want to experiment any longer… :frowning:

(Click the on image to see higher resolution)


maybe you should let the ears point upwards, not sidewards… looks a little ‘miss piggy’-ish.
i liked the lighter skin color better


The skin color is still the same… only the lightning is a bit strange in this scene and the mat has changed. Here is another… unfortunately its a bit too bright.

I like the other mat more (whith translucency), but there is this strange shadow… do somebody know how to fix this?


well, my guessing is: the transluency setting is too high, and the visible shadow in the face is cast by the eye. try turning down the transluency a little!


Ok, here’s another WIP.
I closed her eyes, added some eyelashes and improoved the skin material.

C&C Welcome!


Looking good!
I wan’t to see it with bumpmaps and everythin!
she is looking too smooth! Her ears need more detail


Hmm. There is a BumpMap, but i cant see any bump O_o… I’ll have to look after this.

The ears need more deteils? I think they are ok, because the perspective in the Final image will be so far away from the ears that nobody would see it if they had further deteils…


that’s true!
there’s no use for details in ear!
my bad!
keep posting!


After a long break, i continued modelling today and improoved the skin material. enjoy:

without bra =>

I’ll have to remodel the cloth…



Atm i’m trying to create the hair. I’m using Ornatirx.


wow, coming along very nicely! congratulations!


She’s got a new hairdress :wink: