Character Creator v3.2 to Maya 2019 - Texture Problems


Hi everyone, newbie here. I’ve been trying to import a character I made in Character Creator to Maya but I failed to find a way to make it work. I watched people do this and the process was so smooth for them. What am I doing wrong? What should I do? Please help me out.

    • Imported it to Maya with default import settings. It imported the character with Phong shaders. A shader type which I have never used before.
    • I tried rendering anyway and it seemed like missing a lot of details from what I had in Character Creator. Also eyelash transparency wasn’t working.
    • I went back to Character Creator and this time I checked the Invert Opacity box in the export settings.

I tried some other things too but nothing I did worked for me. I didn’t include them because this is already quite a long post. Thanks everyone in advance.