Character: Cowboy, Eduardo Martin Julve (3D)


Title: Character: Cowboy
Name: Eduardo Martin Julve
Country: Spain
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This is a render of a character on which I have been working lately. It is inspired on the Lee Van Cleef characters from the spaghetti western and the design was made by Torsten Schrank ( It´s supposed to be one of the characters of a short film I have in mind. Unfortunatelly I don´t have enough free time to face it alone so I´ll probably wait until I find any production company with enough resources to do the film properly.
Anyway, coments and crtis are welcomed.


Good job ! Really like this style !


nice cartooni style :thumbsup:


Really nice. Great Awesome. Youve got a lot of style and this character has a lot of style too. I cant find something wrong on the first sight. Rock on!

Maybe just adding some dust in the air or thing like that, anyway, its really awesome like that!


This is great!


I’m loving the design and style! Very nice lighting setup as well!


Great Job.:applause:
Please show me Wire.

Hamed katebi


Great character and great style :slight_smile:

A couple of things stood out, the tie thing looks thick and chunky? And his left pinky looks way too short… unless it’s not meant to hold the pistol grip of course.

I would work a bit on the pistol chrome and lose the lens flare, but that is personal preference I guess.

Definitely good work!


it’s cool
i like it very much:scream:


great *****from me ,i very like this stly.


Great style and beautifull render! :applause:



Very cool style! spagetti-feeling for sure! Swear I ve seen that face…
overall textures look good but maybe a bit strong that highlight on the hat?

killer work anyhoo!


Thank you all for the kind words! I´m glad you liked the character
I enclose a wire for those who asked for it.

Best regards


excellent work! great skills and great stile, 5 strars from me:)!


I am a fan of this !
Great work as usual !


definitely my style!


I like it!


Thanks for Wire.
Great job agein.:thumbsup:

Hame Katebi


Suh-weet! Thats looks frikken awesome and has, i think, the right feel to it.

But I’m sure you want crits more thatn complements, yeah ?

Only things that stand out to me, is , assuming that he’s blowing smoke out of the corner of his mouth, that the smoke is not visible enough and maybe open the corner of the mouth a leeeeetle bit more.

Also, as bitBrain said, maybe give the gun-metal a bit more of a metallic look ?

And just as an afterthought, maybe “fancy” up the grip a bit with some woodworking ?

But thats really wicked, dude!


First of all, great work, second of all, a few suggestions…
I personally think that lens flares look a little unprofessional, but if you want to keep it in there, then go right ahead. If you want to keep the lens flare, then I would suggest exaggerating the rest of the image and overexposing the area around his forearm. This would make the lighting more intense, and thus justify the flare.