Character Concepts, Mr_joshua (2D)


character concept for a game proposal mixing guns and psychic powers - it would have been cool, too bad somebody else thought of it first. :frowning:

mech pilot - the body suit acts as a second skin, relaying sensory information to and from the mech

heavy armor space marine


hey man
these are great
…you work for Volition , right…
I think I saw these and met with you when I interviewed with volition back in February…awesome work man
I especially like the first guy…
is that a painted photoshop piece?
If youre the same guy I remember meeting back then, you showed me your sketchbook and had some incredible drawings in there…loved it…
good to see you here.:slight_smile:


Nice! So, what about the interview? Did you get the job?


To tell you the truth , I dont know what happened.
the interview seemed to go really well…and Honestly Josh here was by FAR the coolest guy I met there, he talked to me forever and showed me all sorts of cool stuff.

well it ended on a good note and the guy who was driving me back to the airport( kelly snapka, I think) seemed impressed and was telling me that everyone that met me spoke highly of me. He Said that they had a couple other candidates to interview and that he would let me know something good or bad inside of 2 weeks.
Time came and went and I sent a few unanswered emails…and never heard anything from them…:hmm:

but it turned out mostly good…shortly thereafter I got a contract concept gig on Unreal 2K4( several character teams and variations of each), which I just finished…so I’m now looking for something else…not sure what the future holds at the moment… :shrug:


Mech pilot is great. I have one crit about first one - shadows under his feet make his feet look very large, even if it’s only illusion.


nice work


Great style. No crits whatsoever


Pretty nice,there’s still room for these guys.:beer:


mmmmmmm…body suit…oh ya great work!

and yes the shadow under the feet on the first one does look weird///maybe angle them a bit or sumthing…but i think if you got rid of them altogether it would hurt the piece at all


Great stuff. Beautiful renderings, I’d like to see the sketches for those.
I agree that the warrior’s feet get lost in the his shadow, another hue for the shadow would easily fix that though.
Body suit for mechs, you must be a Shirow fan too :beer:


Great works
very successful
Congratulation :applause: :beer:


great work man. Man the first pic rocks :thumbsup:
and about the second pic i really don’t have words for it :slight_smile:


Oooooo, these are beautiful! Great work Mr_Joshua :buttrock:

couple of comments… like azazel said about the shadow under the foot (1st pic). As for the heavy armor space marine. I would scale the feet up a bit. They look a bit small for the heavy upper body.

The Mech pilot looks awesome …very sexy :drool:


:thumbsup: Great work!!! The second one is my favourite… maybe the colours… maybe the curves…


although i`m normally not a big fan of the ‚Äúsci-fi chick with perfect body‚ÄĚ style, i must confess, that i really love your second design.

the only thing i have to criticize is the background of the first images, which lokks to me too similar like some photoshop filters and therefor destroys the handmade feel of the image.

nevertheless, i wish, i had only a fraction of your drawing skills.


truely amazing… , its a pitty… you wurnt the first to come up with that idear :stuck_out_tongue:


very nice concepts

i love it


great work… really like it…:thumbsup:

first character is by far my favorite‚Ķ reminds me of movie ‚Äúdune‚Ä̂Ķ he has that feel of fremmen (i hope it is spelled that way) soldier‚Ķ very nice‚Ķ

about that heavy armor marine… if it is human beneath armor there might be some problems with proportions… and i would do something with that free hand… it looks kind of unfinished to me…


The colors on the mech pilot are just superb but the one i like the most is the heavy armor space marine (I have a soft spot for power armors). Looks lethal :slight_smile:

Excellent work you did on RF2 btw. The Sopot Military power suit is one my all time favourit mech designs.


Awesone work, great style !!