Character Concept Nyra - Feedback and Critique Request


My name is Marco and I’m a character artist from austria. With my last two characters I was very unsatisfied but I can’t say what bothered me so much on them. I want to reach a new level with my skill and for that I highly need some honest feedback on my stuff.
I want to share my new character project I’m working on and I’m really glad of every kind of feedback. Doesn’t matter if harsh or soft. I want to improve, so I take everything!

Here is the current version of the concept so far:

A close-up GIF

Here is a 3 step breakdown of my workflow. I generelly starting with sillhouettes and some rough cell shading. Then I’m playing with colors and start with smoother shading. And then I go over to the details and rendering.



UPDATE: After receiving some feedback I reworked the design and that’s the current progress so far. I’m glad of every kind of feedback I can get. Greetz!


The pelvis area seems impossibly long for the angle required for the legs you have rendered. Or the femur is exceptionally long. Work looks mostly appealing otherwise. Rather than getting caught up in multiple iterations, find one you like and nail it down to the next level. Really digging the lighting and mood.


Thank you Jeff for your feedback, it helps a lot. I’m still working on it and I will post an update as soon as possible. Currently I’m also working on the Zbrush Sculpt, because I’m quite satisfied with her design so far. But you’re definitely right, for the publish I will try my best to improve the lighting and mood.


UPDATE: I think I will stop here with the concept, maybe I’m doing some minor tweaks here and there, but I reached a point on this where it would actually better to do a complete new concept with the things I learned so far.
I scrapped the demon in the back because he distracted too much attention from her. So yeah, let me know what you think and I appreciate every feedback I can get.
Meanwhile I started with the zbrush sculpt of her. So, same things there, I’m glad of every kind of feedback. Check it out: