Character: "Commander"


thank for all the kind words guys… I’m just about to move so I haven’t been able to work on him but I promise in the next week you’ll see some updates…

stallion151 - yes it’s mocap… It’s some motion/rig tests for an upcoming short I’m working on. It’s about 75% mocap actually. I’ve done some alterations with traditional keyframing (i.e arms and legs, head movements and lipsync)… Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

For those who are wondering…

facial animation test… test of blendshapes, lipsync a bit off…
(approx 5 mb, divx)

motiontest… test of cloth solver… a bit of motion tweaking needed…
(aprox 5 mb, divx)

these are some clips for a personal learning project/short I’m working on…


you have definantly got to post that short on here!!! can you enlighten us a bit more on what is about?


ummm… well yea I’ll post it here when it’s done… But I can’t however predict when exactly 'cause as I said I’m right about to move and I thinking of entering the new challenge so…

However I’m looking forward to work on it. A friend of mine who work as a sound designer promised me to encode it in dolby digital as well so it can be cool :slight_smile:

the plot is still in WIP status… I have all the main characters somewhat defined but there are still tons of work to be done…

stay tuned :slight_smile:


hey, hows things going with project?


Skurken, any chance we’re gonna see more of your work soon? I’d love to see more models and animations from you, awesome work.



that motion test looks amazing!
I can’t wait to see more

I like the ears on your General character by the way


Galet snyggt, fan :slight_smile:
Mer! mer! hehe.

…'cause I presume you’re swedish, with that name and url?
If not:

Looking awesome!


impressive, my english is very poor, i can’t found the words, the sentences to say: “bon boulot!”(great work) lol
man you are a 3d killer!!!


thanks for the compliments guys… I wish hovewer that I’ve been more productive lately, but during the hollidays and job hunting I haven’t worked much at all on this character :frowning:
(Had to do some other things for my showreel and such… and some R&D)

The project goes on altough very very slow (soon hovewer I’ll need to put in a higher gear)… No real updates to show actually, except for some small things…

gimpfarfar - tackar, tackar. jo jag är svensk :slight_smile:

and a small facial rig test. Not very exciting really…
(quicktime - sorenson video, approx 1.2 mb)


This is great modelling. I bet its a bitch to rig :slight_smile: The only thing i would crit is that the waist is a little small.

I can’t believe you’re having trouble finding work with stuff like this to show. It confirms my fears that my job search will be a nightmare when I graduate (despite doing 3d work almost every day)


Andrewley- I feel the same way. =)


I saw these a while ago over spiraloid… Very cool design and model.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:


thanks guys…

andrewley - thanks, you’re right about the waist… I’ll have to fix that.

Regarding the the work thing, don’t dispair :). Just keep on pushing those little vertices and something is bound to come up eventually. Even though I’m out of a job for the moment I hope for the best and keep on modelling… I live in Sweden where the industry has suffered quite a blow recently, I’m sure however the wind will change eventually :slight_smile:


WOW! What a great model! I like the amount of detail your put into it and the expression of the face. Cool man! :buttrock: Heavy mesh, is this guy going to be animated? :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


thanks :slight_smile:

yes he’s going to be animated, though I’ll have to do more R&D to streamline the rigging process I think…

a small update… (I appoligize for the large image)

The boots are just temporary as I borrowed them from a different character. They will be replaced later on.
I’ll guess I have to rework the weapon as well (inspired from conceptuals by blizzard)…



lol. It looks like he had his shins blown off in vietnam and the medics attached his feet to his knees :slight_smile:

Seriouslythough the legs are too short. Once again I love the details on this model

Keep it up!


ha ha ha… yupp you´re right… it looks kinda funny :slight_smile:
I just smacked those in there for show :slight_smile:
I will fix that



I was also wondering how you are planning to animate the creases in the jacket? e.g when the arms move etc


hmmm… I haven’t it all figured out just yet… I’m bound to run into some problems I have to solve.

The approach I’m thinking of (tried it before and it works fairly ok) includes one version of the coat with hardly any creases. That version will be splitted to pieces, i.e arms, legs and torso. They will drive the deformation of the coat in conjunction with the wrap deformer and blendshapes (short explanaition. I must do some testing before I can get more elaborated).

The goal is to make as much as possible fully automated…

lol had to try this on precise… ha ha… He’s carrying the next gen laptop! (modem included of course :slight_smile: )

btw… any thoughts on the length of his legs? they line up with different refs of humans but I’m not quite sure yet. (the boots will be replaced though)


Since you ask, I think the legs do log a wee bit short.

BUT, having said that, it might just be because it’s difficult to make out the hip-area with his coat hanging over it. :shrug:

It might also be because of his static I’m-being-modelled-pose.

But, dang, darn it, shish kebab, this modelling is awesome…


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