Character: "Commander"



I’m currently working on a character to practice on my modeling,
and I probably have to give him a more relaxed facial expression if I’m going to animate him but I’ll leave that for now and worry about that later on :)…

I’m not very happy with his ears so I’m thinking of remodel those also.
Any C&C before I move on to his body (although I started a bit already)?

(his glasses are more like stand-in for now. I just wanted to see how he would look)

thanks for looking


WOW great modeling.
Can i see a wireframe?


wow man thats looking real good so far! I really don’t see anything to Crit, I mean you’re off to a great start. Only thing that seems a bit off but Its not really that noticable are his brows (the muscle). Seems like they are deforming the corner of his eyes a little too much and they might be just a little too big. Great detail in the face and in his clothing. I love the wrinkles on the jacket. Please keep posting Updates, cant wait to see this complete.


looks very commisarr Yarick from Warrhammer 40K, which is good.

Very nice model I like the scar on his cheek, nice touch, no real crit, i think its looking great,


GJ so far. i like your model a lot. keep it up! are you going to enter the new challenge?


wow. allot of details there.

keep it up.


i like it’s personality, and the awsome detail


great model skill~~~~
keep going~~~:)~~~


looks good, are u going to texture it?


Thanks for the kind words guys!

Here is a wire for y’all to critique

I’m just about to move to a different location so I’m sorry if I’m not able to post updates continiously… :frowning:

any thoughts?



Nice looking. But that is one helluva lot of faces for just the head and torso :smiley:

Could you show us a view without his glasses on? It’s hard to see the detail with them there.


Awesome! I can’t wait for updates, your mesh seems unneccessarily dense on the bridge of the nose, but I guess that might be unavoidable.


EDIT: you work somewhere? You better have an awesome job with your skill level?


Thanks Kwak…

I’ve looked at your WIP’s before and I’m a huge fan… :slight_smile:
Yea… the mesh is somewhat dense at the moment. I guess I’ll have to to do some cleaning…
This was, however a training session, but thats no reason to do it right! :slight_smile:

Any tips on improvin’ the edgeloops for animation? that would be great! :slight_smile:



Simply amazing work! I love the level of detail you’ve invested, and I can’t wait to see this guy progress.


yeah I really like your model,
especially the face’s expresion.
really great job, you probably need some improvements and cleaning on the mesh, but it is in the good way !
keep working on it, it is wonderfull

did you used some reference design or any sketch before starting ?


yea… I know about the cleaning… This was all about a modeling session anyways so… :slight_smile:

The mesh looks really awfully, I know… But I’m about to move to a different location/city so I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible… I’m between jobs so if you guys happen to know any, I’m all for it!.. :slight_smile:


You have two different Cgtalk profiles I assume? Pollutedyouth and Skurken?

I don’t think the mesh look awful, in fact it’s pretty clean, just dense. It’s quite a successful modeling session IMO, you could do some very crazy detailed faceshapes with a mesh like that.

glad you like my WIPs.



Thanks Kwak… do you feel like entering the new contest?

I’ll have to excuse my friend who logged in at the same time as mine… However I managed to to reply at the right post… He is my my “padowan” nonetheless… :slight_smile:



You mean the new CGchallenge, yeah, I already entered it.

Are you entering?

I won’t be able to work on it for about a month, but I can’t wait.



OMG, i also saw your animation tests… great lipsync and animation VERY BELIEVABLE, (please tell me its mocap, make me feel better).
excellent work.