Character: CHARLINE


Hello, I thread a moment in the forum and you monster my last image :slight_smile:

Image name: “CHARLINE”


Image name: TERAPIA

Gianluca Mattia


Those look good, 3D wise… as for the images, a little too gross looking for me. The first one looks a little like a doll (more of the inviroment and lightning, gives a plastic look) and the second one just in the top part becuase a little dusty or foggy like a comic image…


they are character thinks you for the world of the comics, the plastic yield is intentional! :wink:


wow. I wouldnt want to wake up next to her…

*the striped texture on the right leg (my right, not hers) seem distorted or maybe it’s just my eyes.
*the bullets on the group are unused. what i mean is, if they had been fired from the gun then the cartriages should be empty.
*whatever wall she just blew through looks like it was made out of paper.

*The smoke isnt dispersed enough to be believable. Its the same opacity at the beginning as it is at the end.
*imo the water should be a little more transparent.

and I think thats it…spooky, very spooky


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