Character challenge to Amin challenge?


Here is an idea,
Is it possable to make the animation challenge theme follow the chracter theme? ie. month 1-2 a carnie chracter challenge then, month 3-4 the animation challenge would be Sideshow Accidents, maybe this could carry on to the gaming one as well?
I just thought it would be good to build characters for a challenge then then move on to having them move around in the Animation challenge.
All this from some one who has yet to 100% finish a challenge to date :stuck_out_tongue:
Has anyone thought of this before?
Wadda ya think?


Nice idea matty2x4, but if you thinking of this, there is artists for modeling and artists for animation! not all 3D modeling artists know how to animate characters, in the other hand not all animators model charcaters!
So there is 2 challenges, one for modeling and one for animating!
And this challenges in CGChallenge I know just for rise up your skills (not to kick you in one part)!


I forget to say, why you don’t make your idea like this:
2D Charcter design | 3D Character modeling | Animation | Game Design | VFX | Game Programing | Publish
This will rise your skill in very less time!


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