Character - cavalier


Hi! all .This is my new 3d work
Hope, you like it


new updates


wow, those are looking good. idunno about how the ears stick out though…i mean your ears look sooo freakin good, but i wouldn’t want my ears exposed if i was a cavalier. also it looks uncomfortable to have them like that…i think too much about functionality…but form does follow function:) but my you seem to fuse so many styles of armor into that…like it’s a crazy blend that works well. especially like the hanging samari like neck protectors. good job!


looks very good so far, are you going to do a body?




new updates


Dude that rocks man I would love to see a wire of that model bro

Alex Damarjian


new updates


wow really cool! Can’t wait to see it finished. Really nice detailed, it’s sure it will be a great image at the end! :thumbsup:


Im finding this work so far very inspiring. Well done.


new updates
Hope, you like


for some reason tho the ears seem to have an unusually dark lining / shadow, as do
the lips to a lesser degree.

I also think ur name would be less distracting to the beautiful work if it were in a corner or at least somewhere a little more inconspicuous.
Other than Looks Great. well done.


your are a great 3D artist - modeling and texturing on this wip are rocksolid - its a pleasure to watch it grow


very impressive work, nothing to crit


thank you guys for your helpful comments:)


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