Character: Brutu...



Meet Brutu, my second try creating organic character, even my first try using UV mapping in Lightwave after almost 7 years using it…I know, shame on me :smiley:
Actually I’d love to add more details but don’t have time/mood anymore, so here it is…

Made using Lightwave 3D 7.5, photoshop, no Radiosity…
Hopes you like it…:slight_smile:


Looks good!

What’s w/ all the pixely dots in the base of the first image?


OK Boy…

Great Work!!!

Very Good skin

It looks like a low poly… Could you post a Wireframe?


it looks nice and the anatomy works realy nice but it is a litle bit too boxish. try to make the mussles a litle bit more rounded.


i think it is realy good, i like the concept. i like the 2 one even though the 1 one is good.


Thanks guys:)

here’s the wires and shaded…


this is another pose and bones placement…


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