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He’s my favourite of your actors. Proportions and the volume around the torso are suberb. A bit tricky the combination of fat and the musculous body: his thighs look like belonging to a sprinter and not to a man who didn’t run since twenty years. Not so sure about his belly - it’s strongly defined. Generally i’d expect more unusual shapes on such a guy (somewhat too much the ideal body, needing surprising realism).

The head is very good! Perhaps the ears could look more sensual (more special).


Thanks Zokana! You as usual have very good suggestions! I will look into those points. :slight_smile:


I made a quick overpaint of the head, making him a bit more natural.


I like it, all looks good to me.


Thanks man. :wink:


I like it, looks good! I think at the end you will break the symmetry. :thumbsup:


Hi, nice work there.
I think you should flatten out the part between belly and the public area - even if he is fat that part doesn’t fatten up so much - the belly hangs then more over. That is just from personal experience, if you had reference where it is that round and big than go with it. (I refuse googling fat guys, though :wink: )


Thank you guys for support, it’s very important to me. Monica, you’re totally right, I also felt it’s like this, but couldn’t formulate it, so I will fix it, thank you.


I did some fixes and started detailing hands.


I fixed some proportions, the knees, and some minor stuff. Maybe his feet are too big?


I am not an expert on the obese body type, but I think the knee caps maybe too define for such a fat person. I expect lumpy fatty knee.

Also, I suppose the definition on the back of the body is too define for much a fat person.

Overall, I think you can think about loosening the definition on the arms & legs.


Thank you PKD! Yes, there’s a tendency to overdoing things. I will work on him as you suggested.


No, it’s not that you’re overdoing things at all, imo. You are very good now in human anatomy for an artist, probably better than 98% of the character modellers (incl myself). But now you could go a step further. A human doesn’t only consists of muscles. This might work for bodybuilders, but all the others have hanging fat, hanging epidermis, and other special features and anomalies. Not mentioning this to bother you again and again (i won’t mention it anymore), just trying to push you toward a more expressionistic style, less about muscles, but more about bodies. Nude people are mostly looking very special, and therefore very private - try to go more for that embarrassing privacy.

The fat guy is generally very good. But you seem to handle also fat like muscles, trying to isolate those fat pads too much.

The attempt to get a thick foot is good because fat people tend to have circulatory disorders, resulting in swallen feet. The shape in the front of the ankle might be realistic for itself, but it’s a standalone element somehow (and probably also somewhat low, making that bow at the top of the foot too strong).

I agree with PKD about the muscles above the knees - it looks unrealistic and therefore more like blown up muscles than fat.

So it’s not the question of what kind of character one is going for. It’s more about getting all shapes believable for the particular type.

See also for example shoulders and armpits, which tend to have a specific shape when being fat:
the armpits from the back:

Hope it’s useful someway…


^Zokana is the man :buttrock:

Hurt my eyes a little to see these pictures, but for the sake of art… :stuck_out_tongue:

As I mention in your other thread & citing my own experience, it doesn’t work alone to make different body shape just by ‘scaling’ & proportion.

You did well for the muscular type of figure, better than most people, as Sifu Zokana said, now you can go the next level to be able to create other body types.



Thanks a lot guys! I was thinking about it today, what you have wrote.
There are two problems: one I still need to draw real humans (I still didn’t), and references. I find too few of them. And, of course, anatomical crysis, which I’m aware of - it’s when you see muscles everywhere and model them too much. Maybe i should relax and really try being more impressionistic. And study real humans more. Zoltan, what search engines are you using? I use only google.


Me too, mostly the Swiss Google ( ), trying many times keywords in different languages, plus synonyms, and extended settings. In this case i was searching cautiously with medium nudity filter for the English words “nude fat man”, changed my mind very quickly too “fat man beach” (for the single reason to not post hair-raising pictures here).

That’s what i’ve meant actually (rather than “expressionistic”). The problem is basically when one is knowing a lot and working then with that knowledge, using a sort of constructivism instead of letting things happen as they are. As far as i have seen, top character modellers are following this rule throughout when going for realism, which is also a must with paintings. One of the very best guys in this field was(deceased last year) Lucian Freud:


Thank you Zokana! A very useful tip on searching! There’s a lot we can learn from previous painter generations.
An update.


Yes, much better! The differentiation to Dave* is good - could be even stronger toward the aged body type.

  • armpits also here: inward instead of outward.
  • there’s a strange concave shape right below his breasts (might be also the lighting… a bit)
  • knees look somewhat edgy and small also here >> it’s probably more the lower part of the knee, needing more volume (perhaphs also more width)
  • the rear shape of the thighs seems to be very straight in side view (also the transition between back side of the knee and calf muscle is somewhat suspicious - going in quite a lot)
  • feet look much better now (perhaps the inner bow very strong for an old fat guy >> more flatfoot)
  • regarding that the character is supposed to showcase your skills with body types in your portfolio: i’d give him strong cellulitis, expecially at the buttocks, and i’d refine also his genitals to make the character look complete (as long your picture provider doesn’t mind)

edit:*: meant your “Professor”, and not “Dave”…


Than you Zokana! Very good observations! The update.