Character: Blizzard inspired Orc


Hey all!

I am posting my most recent work hoping to get some good feedback.

I am also currently seeking a Hi-poly modeling/texturing position.

I created this specifically for Blizzard hoping to get a job there…however as we all know that is extremely hard.

Created In Maya 4.5, Textured in Deep Paint 3D, Maya Renderer

Please take a look at my website for other views and wireframes.



do u have full body on that character??..this looks awesome…:slight_smile:

can’t point nothing weird of it…exept the mouth area, but that could just be me:p


ohhhh shiitttt… :buttrock:

great job! :thumbsup:

i like it. :applause:


Wow this is really great. my only crit which is pretty worthless would be that it would have been nice to have done a more original charcter design not the same orc that blizzard uses oh so often… But still amazing piece of work… Keep us informed about the job… oh and this will be frontpage


I dig the bottom picture, very good likeness from what I can remember! :applause: nice stuff on ur site too :beer:


Incredible work! I smell the frontpage


i dont see y they didnt accept u
thats a very nice model and great textures for an orc
nothing to critique but to give it an A, great work and keep working at it:applause:


great work, good modeling, great texturing and very nice lighting…

But, I think it’s a bit TOO inspired on Blizzard. Nothing wrong with that, I really like their games (and cinematics) but if you use this to get a job, wouldn’t they want someone who’s original and has his own ideas. (I don’t doubt you have that, but maybe you shoulds show it more, because Blizzard ask very high requirements)


awesome only one crit,

the jaw looks dislocated, not sure what needs to be done but perhaps some muscular deformation to show that its an expression and not numbness in the face.

but awesome on all fronts, render, model, textures lighting everything


i’m guessing the jaw looks like it does because of an over bite? if that’s the look you’re going for then it’s dead on. but it looks like he would hurt himself just by closing his mouth.

but other than that, it looks awesome!



even at an overbite, the face needs to show some exertion/tension pulling on left side of the face starting at the corner of the lips all the way to the ear, not having that continuity is like a having a body builder flex only one side of his body while the other remains limp.

know what I mean?
perhaps a side view will help clarify


Great model… but due to the sudden change in color between green and black it seems kind of wird.

I never understood why every body want to work for blizzard… ok they made cool games like starcraft, diablo and warcraft. But is there more to it?


Very nice model, and cool lighting too - very dramatic :slight_smile:
He reminds me a lot of the one main orc character in Warcraft III, Thrall. Even the lighting is reminiscent of the lighting in some of the final cinematics of the game.

So you’ve certainly captured the orc vibe, so to speak.

I can only really think of two crits to add to what’s been said, and that is that the skin looks a little too dry, and almost flakey. It could also benefit from a teeny bit of translucency, perhaps, especially on the ears :slight_smile:

On a side note, I’ve heard that Blizzard aren’t crazy about receiving orcs as part of peoples showreels. I read somewhere that they have said something to the effect of “We can already make orcs, show us something new”… maybe that is something you should ponder, eh? :wink:

So by all means, put this on your reel, but I would suggest making quite a few new characters of your own design that feature prominently in your reel. You clearly have a good range of skills, and that is what Blizzard do prefer - good all rounders, as opposed to specialists. So show them a wide variety of what you can do with those skills - good luck!


Holy crap! This is cool! If I would be Blizzard, I would know what to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck!



Thank you all for your generous comments!

noBrain - I will keep close attention to the Jaw. I will post a side render.

I chose to model after Thrall one of Blizzard’s concepts because well first of all I really dig the character, and second of all I wanted Blizzard to see that I could create one of their characters to the quality of their original, as well as most importantly see my modeling and texturing skills.


Great job, both on this model and the pictures on your site. Good look with getting a job.:thumbsup:



love your simlple web site man its coola nd your models and textures are amazing…good luck gettin that job…


Nice work, if you can do this all by yourself, im sure you will be able to get the job, if you can show your creativity in another way. For example, you could try making a hero of your own race of creatures which requires alot of creativity.

3 Q’s

Can you show the body like someone earlier said?

How long did it take you to make this?

How long did it take you to make that women from Starcraft: Ghost?


Nice job!:thumbsup:


Great ORC man, like the other guy said try to do something from your own creativity.

But thats still an awesome looking orc.