character: big beast


This is my latest work. I spent more than a month in doing it.
Especially thanks Jay Hawkins’s concept art:)

Any comments are welcome! thanks for your feedback.

Wish you like my beast:>


With your comments,I updated my work.
This is a new render,I think this is a final picture.

Wish you like him (my beast:>).


Wow looks great. Love the skin on the beast.


I thought I recognised hawkprey’s beast. you did a great job modeling it. Hawkprey makes great beast’s


Zoober: thanks

.Hammer-Stroke.:yes! my reference is Jay Hawkins’s concept art.
His Character Design is great.I like it very much !


The design is a little plain but the model looks great does it move yet?

Good stuff.



Good work! it looks a lot like the characters from Dino Riders :slight_smile:



Damn i’ve read “big breasts” instead of “big beast” :smiley:

Anyway great job, but don’t like the illuminiating of the scene.


yeah, i thought this was a big breast thread too…:annoyed:

anyways, that’s great modelling.

however, the one with the scenery? well, the shadows dun look right because the entire pic didn’t really protray a strong enough light source to cast those kind of shadows…

except for the shadows, everything else looks great. good job!



Very nice, i just love those big beasts of burden! Keep the renders coming :slight_smile: lovely textures and ace modeling work!


so where are the big breasts?? dame, guess I have to get another pair of glasses…nice model, by the way


great modelling and texturing :thumbsup: but I agree about the lighting, you could definately improve the scene with some dramatic lighting

great job though


Thanks for the all feedback. :slight_smile:
I don’t like the lighting and scene too .

My leading actor is beast,ha :slight_smile:
I will do another render now.



Great scene, I really like it, it should be front page!

My only critique is that it looks like maybe you ran out of time on texturing your human people. The texturing is so great on that beast that the flat shading on the humans really stands out.


Great work CG, you dont a fantastic job modeling this guy.

I think your texturing could still use a little more work in general. It gets better every time I see it, but I would say it could use another pass.

Specifically you have no real color/hue variation in the skin. No dirt smudges or discolored areas or anything… You might try adding a touch of blue/red/yellow to some areas of the skin - maybe saturate a few areas, and desaturate others…

Think of places that might be little different - for instance around the mouth could take on a different hue, where the skin of the legs rubs the body, near the tail, perhaps even just some grime or dirt dripping down from underneath the metal peices.

It still has a bit of a plastic look to it right now too, Mainly your spec… Find some reference of desert lizards/crocidile skins - maybe even elephant skin… study it and try see what gives it that wet/dry sheen. It could be your lighting too…

Your bumpmaps are top notch, no comments there other than fantastic job.

The metal on back looks like it needs a little reflection… try sticking on an environment map, see how it looks.

Anyawys, like always CG, you’ve got great work! Look forward to seeing more…

Do you ever rig/animate anything?


hey nice one! Where can I find Jay Hawkins’s site?
Keep it up with the stunning art :beer:


:beer: :bounce:


wow !danb_vfs, very useful comment you gave me . Ha, thank you very much!my friend…
I had even thought I had finished my poor work, but You gave me new hope.yes might be,I could do another pass…
I would like to say also,every time you gave me comment,I could do better,ha ha.:beer:
I spent several hours in doing color map and spec map,also adding an environment picture in reflect map…
tomorrow I will post new render:>

Dezzo:strong light source I had made:> thanks!

danne82: thanks! This is the link:


oh,I made a simple substance rig:) but animate it might too hard
to me…
I always hope he could walk the field. :stuck_out_tongue: